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14.2 12 year old sports pony type

Tash Ivings in Stratford-upon-Avon

12 years old
Sports pony
All-Rounder, Happy Hacker and Dressage
Tommy 14.2 12 year old sports pony type. Best suited to a happy hacking home or xc/Hunter trials or fun rides. Loves to jump and never stops but isint a very talented show jumper this may change with a lot more work. He always tries his best and never stops but just rushes and takes the pole with him. He’s much better when you slow it down and even trot to a fence. He is forward to jump for this reason he is three 🥕 as a project or happy hacker. Perfect hacker hacks alone or in company and is good with all traffic artic lorries bikes ect. Very loving chap loves people and easy to handle currently handled by a 8 year old. Good to clip, shoe, stable with no vices load ect. He has team chased and is a good lead horse but he can be strong. Works lovely in trot and would do some nice walk trot dressage in canter he is busy. We’ve been doing grids with v poles and poles to get him to slow down he just loves his job! He is never nasty and doesn’t buck rear or anything like that. Would suit a small gun go adult to have fun on and produce further or a teenager. Had teeth and feet done and is up to date on jabs and worming, Cheap to see him find a nice 🏡 on behalf of someone. Also open to px or swap. Videos on this post are today and Friday to show him in all his glory! Tried to be as honest as I can be but he’ll make someone on a budget a nice pony! He is not sharp or anything and would sooner knock a pole then stop if it wasn’t for him being strong and buzzy then he would be anyones ride even a unbalanced novice. He would probably make an excellent lead rein pony for an older person maybe even for an rda Center for bigger riders as he’s so sweet. Just needs a change in career path! Never been lame sick or sorry.. well maybe sorry he’s not talented enough to be a show jumper! 😅 bless him he just needs the right person to come along to love him!

Tash Ivings