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12h Palamino LR/2nd Pony

Sarah Davies in Usk

15 years old
All Rounder, Happy Hacker and Pony Club
12h Palamino gelding - 15yrs - mixed breed Lead rein / 2nd pony Monmouthshire, South Wales Passport name: Buddy Stable name: Dash We’ve owned Dash for two years he’s been an absolutely lovely pony, safe and sane, he’s been fantastic for my daughter really giving her confidence to bring him in/out of the field, brush, tack-up and ride on her own, he’s been in PC and gone to many rallies including taking part in mounted games, cross country clinics, jumping and childrens hound exercise, also been on a beach ride and he’s an absolute dream to hack out, he’ll stand for hours to be groomed and generally looked after, pretty much bombproof. He’s more kick than pull, but will ‘Dash’/keep up if with a crowd of riders. Never sick or sorry, no history of laminitis. Although he’s taught my daughter all this he’s actually out done himself so we now have another pony to further her riding. The reason I feel he’s better suited as a lead rein or 2nd pony: Lead rein - he’ll follow a leader around like a little puppy, literally anywhere or over anything. 2nd pony - When in a group he can slightly wander to other ponies also has been known when cantering (generally when on his own) to stop, drop his shoulder and drop off rider, he then just stands next to rider. He’s no show jumper, with a novice child he’ll go over a few cross poles but literally can’t be bothered to ‘jump’, he feels it’s much better to have a little walk over them, however stronger/older rider who can canter will get him to pop over a jump. He loads on/off a trailer with absolutely no problems however when you get to your destination he prefers to be off straight away. Dash is fully up to date teeth, back and vaccinations also recently had his ‘beans’ checked, currently unshod but when doing more roadwork we have front shoes on, good to catch. To be sold with a few items including bridle, synthetic saddle, fly and turnout rugs. Currently lives out but does come into his stable most days when my daughters doing things with him.

Sarah Davies