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Alicia Moss in Sittingbourne

6 years old
Dressage, Eventing and All-Rounder
Very well bred, by Future Gravitas and out of an Animo mare, on a KWPN book. 15.1 6yo (this year) bay mare, full history known, and a very loving/easy horse to have on the yard. Roo has recently returned back into work from a 7 week winter break - through no fault of her own, just snow, christmas, starting a new job, so was a planned break to give both myself and her, some down time. She has lost some muscle and condition, price does reflect this but with routine now she will be picking up again. But tacked up and straight on, no lunging or silly business, she is so polite and easy. Roo has never been rushed or over produced, if anything a little ‘behind’ for her age, but a genuine horse to ride. Not spooky, silly or sharp, just forward and fun!! She is a little blood type, with a huge canter for her size, so although safe, she wouldn’t be for a complete novice however she has taken a handful of riders, who have never ever sat on a horse before, for a plod round the arena in walk and a few strides of trot and she couldn’t have been anymore forgiving, wasn’t offended by them unbalanced or pulling her around. If a more novice/less confident rider had regular training with her, she would be very much suitable for them still, so i don’t want to rule out nervous riders as she would absolutely tolerate anyone on board! As stated, she is a fun, forward ride, schools well in the arena, and been to a little dressage show gaining positive comments. Learning her changes and some lateral work, she picks up things quite well and is keen to learn. Snaffle mouthed at all times. Been XC schooling as a 4yo, and was brave and gave everything a go, up and down steps, logs, etc I’ve taken her SJ training multiple times, where she has been easy to do and not phased by new environments. Not spooky at fillers, and never stopped, i would say she is ‘green’ to jump for a 6yo, but this is just due to lack of doing it on my behalf. She is so honest and forgiving which makes up for her being slightly green as she will just give it a go anyway. Was jumping around 80/90cm before her break Happily hacks in company, been out a small handful of times on her own with me on a fairly busy route and was good as gold but this isn’t regular so don’t want to make an unfair judgement, I don’t enjoy hacking so don’t do it, but i can see her happily hacking alone with no issues with more of it. Good to load and travel, i’ve have her on 3.5t+ alone, in company and with stallions and you never hear a peep from her. She will happily stand on the lorry alone whilst the other horse is off, and when out at shows/venues, isn’t phased by the atmosphere, other horses, or if her travel buddy is elsewhere. She lives in or out, alone or in company. I have only had her in individual turnout with company the other side of the fence. No horse is perfect and Roo does come with some minor faults, she does crib/windsuck and has a small bump inside her hind leg. Neither of these effect her in anyway, but price does reflect this. A delight to be around, very friendly and sweet mare. Not girthy, doesn’t pull faces, good around feed time etc Has a fully professionally fitted saddle available separately. Ideal Impala monoflap saddle in immaculate condition. Kent, ME9 area Open to viewings/vettings

Alicia Moss