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Potential top class event/whp pony

Kerri Dow in West Linton

9 years old
Registered Part Bred Connemara
Eventing, Showing and Show Jumping
Zeus - 14.2 - 9 years old - grey - registered part bred Connemara I’m not even sure where to start with this boy! Zeus has been with us from day one. He was out of a 12.2 jumping machine and by grade 1 Connemara stallion Anbally Storm. Zeus spent around the first 5/6 years of his life a little bit wild living out in a herd of youngsters and the oldies that kept them all in line. He then started bits of work when I came back home from working a couple of times a month so he was picked up for a few days and dropped for a month then picked up again- this most likely did him the world of good as he was always a nervous guy to begin with and this let him develop at his own pace. Since I’ve been home full time he’s been in pretty consistent work apart from his winter holidays when the weather didn’t play ball. He’s a proper little character and has grown in personality so much since being in work. Zeus won’t be for a novice as when we put a novice on him he simply refused to even trot as he could feel they weren’t quite secure on top, he did happily walk through and do lots of walk/halt transitions! But for a kid/small adult that has a bit of get up and go about then he will excel! Zeus absolutely loves his jumping and is honest to a fence, he’s jumped all sorts of fillers since day one including water trays. He’s been to clinics and is always a favorite when he turns up with his attitude and his ability over a fence. Cross county was something Zeus was flung into the deep end with, we took him to a localish pick a fence and for a pony that had never been in a warm up with more than 4 horses or seen a xc jump in his life or had horses going faster than a canter passed him he exceeded all expectations! He wobbled his way around and jumped everything put in front of him! And didn’t bat an eye at the end when a very speedy child and pony went flying past at the finish. Next time out at duns he was much more of a professional in the warm up and kept his exuberance in check then was much more confident round the jumps! The comparisons between the two outings speaks for most things he does the first time may be a bit wobbly/nervous but he learns very quickly and with good experiences he grows in confidence. Dressage wise he’s put together some nice tests at the 2 outings he’s had and been in the placings with promising marks and comments. He can get a bit tight in the boards but again he’s only seen them twice so the more exposure he gets then the better he’ll become. Zeus has a cheeky side and can have a good old excited buck at times. Times being his first canter in a field during fitness work but it’s simply from excitement after the first canter he gets down to business. If it’s windy in the school and you ask him to canter with the wind up his bum he may have a buck. It’s always one singular one though and never nasty just fun! He can be more excitable to ride if it’s very windy and the jumps whistle/hum at him.I can even show you his attempt at a buck as we caught one on video at the start of a round of jumps he did. Our arena fence backs onto the car garage so he’s very used to sudden random loud scary noises and the occasional bit of rubbish that flies out there skip on a windy day.. At home in day to day life he loves being brushed and could fall asleep being clipped- he’s had everything off apart from half his head and was super. He’s now pretty good with the farrier and stands happily especially if you hold a lick for him and is used to front shoes and getting his back feet trimmed. His teeth have been done by the vet so they sedate them so I’m not sure what he’d be like in general at getting them done. He’s never really sick or sorry- most he’s had was a bruised sole when he started work and stood on a stone. He can be wary of new people but if you're nice to him he’s nice to you! He’s happy hacking out with others and will stand for you to leap on/off to do gates, he also plods along side/doesn’t react at his hacking companion when they jog on the spot flinging their head about when you head for home. He’s pretty good in all traffic, and has met most things out on the road- a tractor was rather scary but they stopped and he was happy to go past and a group of bikes from behind was rather scary but he’s getting better with them and doesn't flinch with 2/3 from behind now and bike from the front doesn’t bother him. He does hack alone along our track and gains confidence from you out hacking by himself but again with good experiences i can see him being content hacking alone. There's a million things i'll have forgotten to put in this but he’s a part of our family and the last one out of Dash(his dame and my old pony) so only the best homes will be considered. If I could be 12 again I’d be planning my way to Pony trials with this boy. His price is negotiable for the right home. He also has 2 half sisters on the mares side that are both 12.2 powerhouses one of which has qualified for the royal highland show and I have no doubts that he will be just as special
West Linton

Kerri Dow

West Linton