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11.2 family pony club pony

Tash Ivings in Evesham

8 years old
Welsh section a
All-Rounder, Hunting and Show Jumping
Tilly Very sad sale of a much loved pony. Literally a one in a million! Tilly is a 8 year old 11.2 registered welsh section a pony. Medium build not too stocky/chunky. My daughter has had Tilly over a year and and half and in that time she’s gone from being on the lead rein, not able to ride without holding her saddle or rise in her trot and definitely wouldn’t attempt to canter…to doing everything, shows, clear round, hunting and even jumping out hunting, lots of hacking and cantering in open fields with other horses, pony club including camp, lessons, rally’s, mounted games, gymkana and clinics. She’s even done cross country too at home and also pony club abs then hiring courses and following mummy 🥰 She is a forward going pony but with good breaks would never bolt! She’s just not the sort you need to pony club kick, leg and voice responsive. Only ever been snaffle mouth with us even for hunting in a field of 40+ horses. She has no stable vices, health issues ect only ever seen the vet for vaccinations. Up to date with her teeth, back, feet, worming and vaccinations. Good to load, stable, groom, for farrier and vet, to clip. Brilliant around children, Not marish at all, my daughter who’s 7 leads her to and from the field, messes around on her bareback, trots and canters with no hands then uses voice to slow down and stop easily (my daughter’s favourite thing to do!) She is straight and correct with clean legs all round no scars or sarcoids melemonas ect. Hacks alone if mum fancys a run! or in company happily. When out and about she will travel on lorry or trailer and stand on it or tied to it all day with a haynet on her own or with someone. Happy to be the last out in the field or stable without being silly like some horses can be. Easy to handle by anyone. Turns out alone or with mares or geldings she’s kind to every horse does prefer to have a friend like any horse does. I would say she is more suited as a first/second ridden rather then a lead rein as she’s quite lazy and will just drag behind you but is much better when off. You can lead her off of another horse hacking/hunting ect and she’s fine with that will just keep up with that horse. Can also carry a small adult/teen every so often as we’ve done this for a bit of schooling/little hack when my daughters been at school. Only bad point is catching her, children can go straight up to her and get her first time every time without even a treat but when I go to get her sometimes she will wonder away from me unless I have a bucket of nuts then she will come straight over. Can be a little wary of new adults but will be your best friend with a treat she’s fine with children! I don’t think she had the best start in life before she came to us as she was petrified of us putting her rug on for the first few times but then settled fine when she trusted us. Ponies like this really don’t come around very often and all of the videos and pictures speak for themselves, I have over 1600 of her since she’s been with us. She’s a true mothers dream it’s a very sad sale for us we owe Tilly absolutely everything, we would love for her to stay local or at least have updates every so often. My daughter was a very nervous rider when we first had Tilly and now she’s more confident then I ever thought she could be! Saddle not available as we use it on the other pony but bridle and rugs can go with her. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, Open to vetting £6500 we’re based Evesham Wr11 plenty of references available for her! Here is a link to her album of 1670 pictures and videos, from when we first had her to the most recent ones at the bottom. It may be easier to view on a computer rather then phone

Tash Ivings