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Lusitano Gelding

Emma Woolliscroft in Staffordshire

14 years old
Elvis is a 14 year old, 16.3, bay Lusitano gelding. He’s currently competing novice gaining high 60’s but is showing great potential for the advanced level work and has progressed in his training very quickly with me. I have just taken him out to his first BD Medium HC where he gained a mid 60’s test under a list 1 judge. Although he is still green in his lateral work he is incredibly intelligent and loves to learn. He’s now established with leg yields, shoulder-in, travers and half-pass and will definitely have the capability for changes and pirouettes with the right rider once he gains more strength and balance. Elvis loves his work and absolutely adores fuss and attention. He doesn’t need to be worked every day and is the same if he is ridden the day before or had a few days off. He is a bit tense at shows (never does annything nasty just the typical Luso high knee trot!) and really gains his confidence from his rider. This has got better the more I have taken him out and I feel that he will only get better in the right hands. Once he trusts you he will do anything for you and because of this he requires a confident rider. Great for the farrier and to clip, hacks in company (I’m sure he’d hack alone but I have never tried as I don’t like to hack alone. He can get tense with large vehicles but again takes his confidence from the rider). He runs onto my lorry with great enthusiasm but he needs a bit of encouragement to load onto a 3.5t (I have found a technique which works every time within seconds which I will of course show to any potential owner but again he’s not being naughty, he’s just worried). My dentist does him without sedation but he may require sedation with someone less patient. Elvis really is a very special horse which I ADORE and I am only selling him due to a change in personal circumstances. I love training him and I know that he will make someone incredibly happy and will give back to them as much as they give to him. Home is of the utmost importance for this very special horse.

Emma Woolliscroft