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Stunning boy - Irish cob x connie (working well in liberty)

Claire Clarke in Hampshire

6 years old
Dark Bay
Irish cob x Connie
All Rounder, Companion and Happy Hacker
Larry is 6 years old (Jan 23) Irish cob x Connie. He is approx. 13.2h. Honest ad - Background: Larry lived in Ireland in a farmers field since a foal, unhandled. He was bought by an Irish producer in Jan 22 (age 5) and sold on in June 22. Larry was imported to the UK in June where he was backed by another producer. Due to no fault of his own he became very anxious as it was all done too soon for him. We have been bringing Larry on slowly at his own pace since end Sept 22. From videos he looked confident and was already backed and out doing xc, sj and beach rides (I was told about his 'anxious' behaviour; and this being the decision to sell on). Ground work was priority for this lad to build his trust and confidence. With us he has been foot perfect on the ground. Ridden was a difference experience: he was seemingly calm and taking life in his stride, had blow ups when it became too much (again I can show you video why this happened for him). Present: Larry has been working with a specialist trainer (The Heart of Horsemanship since mid Feb. With their work and dedication we have established Larry had most anxiety with a rider onboard (likely to be caused by a couple of early incidences of rider coming off and lack of understanding of his stress ques). Despite a wobbly start in his re-starting he has progressed enormously both in his ground work and Liberty, he has been a lot slower at ridden as needs a strong but calm leader to now help him with this. We are not rushing him and want to take it in his time. He will be confident as he has been ridden before but we dont want this to become another weight to his baggage. Larry is green, he can be a typical young horse but he is very kind despite his early anxieties. He has developed very good ground manners and has a very friendly demeanour. Once this horse has bonded with you he whinnies as soon as he sees/hears you, he waits at the gate, stands for hours for hugs and kisses. He is very loving and sweet and will make a cracking pony for someone who is willing to understand him and continue his education. Its with a very heavy heart that he is now looking for someone that will continue his education (I dont have a jockey for him for another 2 years and I think he needs someone now to show him thats its safe to be ridden and help him with his confidence). This boy deserves the best home and time with someone to understand him, he will give someone his everything. Key info: Barefoot, good for farrier just a litter nervous. Up to date with vacs Up to date with teeth X-rays have been done in Jan 23 so can confirm there are no back/leg issues (wanted to make sure behaviour wasnt caused by pain) Comes to be caught Happy in a mixed herd, very easy to integrate with a herd Our daughter is 11 and he really does love his connection with her. She can happily catch him in the field, turn him in/out, groom etc. He does not kick, bite etc. *Larry would suit liberty/agility, he has taken to it very well and loves it * There are videos of him jumping xc and sj courses but he has not done this with us. He has been ridden with us as part of being restarted but wont be sold as ridden as I dont want someone to just jump on and scare him. *Comfortable with trailer, blankets, baths, feet being picked up and cross ties. * Likes to be with his person * He is very low mileage and now has a very good solid foundation to continue his education based in good experiences * His rider education still needs work * Currently located with Mia Rodley in Midlands so viewings would need to be there. More videos can be seen:

Claire Clarke