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Sweet 14.3 section D mare 10yrs

Annie smith in Carmarthen

10 years old
Welsh Section D
All-Rounder, Happy Hacker and Showing
5* home paramount for this absolute GEM. Full history known, breeding known. Super smart mare would do amazing in show ring 4 white socks and beautiful blaze. Coat literally shines and dapples in the summer without having to do a thing, always gets comments, moves v well . SWEETHEART to have at our family home with toddler and dog running about her feet, so easy and gentle, a loving mare, no rudeness and loves the 1:1 attention. Respects all fencing electrified or not, likes stabled overnight and puts up with our restricted turnout through winter but loves being out too. So easy and cheap to keep: rides barefoot and good feet previously shod no issue, holds weight fine lives off hay, good with dentist, clipping, loads well and travels well. No vices, no lumps or bumps. Used to covering miles down the country lanes, happy hacking alone or in company in front or behind. Is a fairly typical Welsh so can spook but doesn't go anywhere or throw shapes, is safe. Generally good with traffic and hacks on a main road, not keen on lorry's and cyclists but genuine and listens to rider ❤️. Has been used to leading our 2yr old sec A out foot perfect and even leading the dog on the lead of recent, doesn't care. Don't have arena at home but taken to arena hires, clinics, and done low level stuff to show her show atmosphere and behaved very well. At her worst if a lot going on at a show will be looky and forward, calms with practice. Smart under saddle could do nice dressage test. Jumping has a nice pop and doesn't touch poles, v low mileage. Can put in an excitable buck, so game rider that wants to bring something super smart on themselves would be ideal home. Shes a kick along hack half the time I can be on the buckle or can be more forward, has even taught some novices how to ride 😊 Can be dropped for a fortnight and picked back up again and doesn't turn into a fruit loop, equally loves having a job and would handle more. Sale for personal reasons no fault of hers.❤️

Annie smith