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Unicorn Schoolmaster

BJW International Horses in Bridgwater

17 years old
Pony Club, Show Jumping and All Rounder
šŸ¦„šŸ¦„šŸ¦„šŸ¦„ Rocky, has been part of our family for 7years and has seen the world during this time. 2005, 12hh gelding. He is every parent/ grandparent's dream of a pony. He loves being fussed over, he can be handled, tacked up and loaded by the rider (regardless if they are 3 or 13). He loves his work but doesn't need working in. He lives out in our mixed herd and has seen our daughter from lead rein when she was just 2years old to a first ridden who competes in pony club and further afield. He has twice qualified for the mini champs at Bicton for pony club 40cm. First year as lead rein and this year as assisted. He tries his best even when the jockey isn't very clear with instructions. He doesn't mind them bouncing about and stays in a steady trot, but will pop into canter when their bottom sits still. Any rider wobble and he comes straight back to trot. He does need leg in the school if off the lead rein and isn't suited for a home with only a school for work. He thrives on hacking and hunting. On or off the lead rein he keeps his jockey safe and stays up with the speed of the horse when on the lead, regardless of whether that is standing still at a road junction or galloping across Dartmoor. He has hunted a number of times over the years with South Devon and references are available from the PC instructor and hunt member who is best placed to sing his praises. There is no better pony for this size of rider out there for hunting and hacking. He will walk whilst the field gallop past and only trots or canters when asked to. He slows down and stops whenever the rider wants and stands for the rider to scoff sweets and drink ribena. He will go through rivers, pop ditches and jumps whatever is necessary (we arent a jumping pack). Best of all, he will make sure his rider stays on board. As a parent, this pony is gold dust. This pony will look after your child so you can relax and enjoy wherever you find yourselves. He does all the rallies, lessons, camps and competitions. He loves running up the ramp of the lorry or trailer (we have both) and travelling to wherever the next adventure takes him. He has been to Hickstead twice to jump the mini course at the RIHS (4days of jumping), competing against all the top rider's kids and gets clear rounds. He is a dream to take away and the kids handle him themselves. He doesn't hot up and will stand alongside the arena for hours then warm up away from his field buddy and go in and jump his round, focused on the job. He does have front shoes on now because he is in a fair amount of work, but has had 6 years of being unshod. Fab to clip and pamper. He is every child's best friend. He has been overweight in the past, but not anymore and is better to stay as he is. He did get footy when he was obese 6 years ago, but not enough for xrays or any remedial intervention. We got him fitter and slimmer and never had an issue since. Will windsuck if stabled after feeding, but he lives out with us 24/7 and only does it for 10mins after food (if he can find a fence post). Ā£7,950

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