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Exiting prospect

Phoebe Edwards in York

4 years old
All-Rounder, Eventing and Show Jumping
milly is a 16/16.1hh 4yo unraced, chunky well built thoroughbred mare. Milly was in training for a short amount of time but never raced and has been allowed plenty of down time, She has been restarted in February and being brought on as your typical riding horse. Milly is great to hack out, she will go alone or in company, unphased by traffic or farm machinery/ animals and good to do gates on ect. She has 3 good paces on her however hasn't done masses of schooling so is still quite green in her flatwork, but with some work will easily be improved. She jumps nicely and allways honest to a fence, she isn't the spooky sort and has never refused a jump however we haven't overdone her as she's young and learning, she has popped over some jumps of 90 both sj and xc showing scope but not done a full course with her, we have mostly been keeping it small around the 70cm mark so she learns proper techniquie ect. She's fine with bright coloured jumps and fillers ect. She's been to some arena hires and xc schooling sessions, allways proving Bold and honest. She's good to deal with on the ground in general, can occasionally be abit dopey at home but nothing nasty, and in a new place can sometimes be on her toes a little. Milly has no injuries but does have a cloudy eye, dosent effect her in the slightest but means she wouldnt be suitable for ROR or showing, which is a shame cause as far as thoroghbreds go for conformation she looks fabulus. When milly is fresh, say she's given a couple weeks off she can add a buck and a bounce in, nothing dangerous but she perks up a little bit so wouldn't be suitable for a novice. Millys only "vice" is She occasionally needs someone to stand behind her loading into a trailer as a prompt, dosent ever take long if she does need a hand. She's a lovley sort of horse that's looking for a job to do, I originally bought her to team chase which I think she would do well at, she would make a class eventer in the right hands too though! But she's young and could turn her hoof to anything. Unfortunately having to sell her as I bought my old horse back and owning 4 horses is just too time consuming and financially straining!.

Phoebe Edwards