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Stunning Mare by Royaldik

Emblem Eq Limited in Lincolnshire

6 years old
Warmblood (part-bred)
SALE PENDING--- Price negotiable to the right home that has young horse experience & is aiming for/has or owns horses with affiliated competition records.  Annee has been bred with High level sport in mind.  Character Curious, athletic, playful and intellegent and has a high natural level of fitness and the want to do & see life. A combination that should see her easily moving up the levels of sport in the right hands. Bloodlines She contains 76% blood and is a serious contender to pursue Eventing, Showjumping, and moves straight and nice enough where a career in pure Dressage could be within her reach too. By Royaldik (his & )   Ridden experience Annee was professionally backed and started in 2021 of which she proved a straightforward 4yo to do and went on to lightly continue her education with an Event rider before returning home for time out after contracting a cold to rest and grow further ready for 2022. Due business owners' pregnancy in 2022 she was turned away until last Winter however, is yet to be brought back under saddle due to the owners' ongoing health issues which is sadly now forcing a massive change in business direction. She is therefore being sold as a project.  Please note, she hasn't just been turned away in the field she has been handled regularly throughout the last year in order to have her ready to continue her ridden education when the time came, but her next owner should anticipate starting from the beginning (e.g. long reining) due to the time she has had out since being under saddle to ensure the understanding she has of the foundations begun in 2021 are solid before hopping on board. So if you are looking for a horse to start in the summer that has been lightly started, left to mature and are keen within the sport then Annee may very well be the beautiful girl you've been waiting for.   Her general character on the yard: Annee overall is a lovely mare to deal with and a mare the business had wished to pursue a competitive career with to boost future breeding plans. She has been: • an easy mare to keep in the way of good doing on quality foarage & feed • doesn't require heavy rugging • she has fielded inview of and with others (mare herd only here never tried with geldings) • she has loaded and done trips as far as to and from Devon • been good to jab, worm, shoe. (Yet to be clipped for the first time as never required) Things of note: - she is marey towards other horses when in season- we have managed this with herbal supplements to help ease cycle transitions- hasnt needed supplementation since Spring 2022 but can't say it's something she won't need supported with in the future. - she prefers to eat her food without interruption. She will pull faces at humans but towards other horses in the field she will claim a bucket and in stable kick partitions at neighbouring horses who come to snoop. (her next owner will just have to appreciate shes just not the 'sharing is caring' type with food) - she came back from backing slightly bridle shy (I have a video of her recently having a bridle on) it is nothing major - she takes steps backwards and sticks her head up. It has lessend with practice but she has a shallow palate and anticipates it clonking on her teeth- she was therefore ridden by the eventer & bitted subsequently with a thinner synthetic bit e.g. nathe or soft beris bit, to help her gain trust in not having metal clank her teeth. - she has superficial white scaring on her front legs from a skin injury as a foal (pictures uploaded)   Please only enquire if you can give this special mare her next serious start and loving home. Questions of your aims will be asked to ensure she is landing the best home possible for her.  There may be movement in her price SHOULD the equirer have any of the following: - a lot of experience with starting youngstock -have an affiliated competition record or own and have in training horses that do. This is ultimately because her next home is vital for her career and enjoyment in life.   Up-to-date with worming, teeth, chiro, farrier, vaccinations. She is open to vetting & inspection Videos upon request (sale includes VAT at 20%)

Emblem Eq Limited


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