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Percy pig gelding

Brook Gaylor in Essex

9 years old
Percy pig 15"2 nine year old cob gelding, pig is super safe very genuine lad he's steady, snaffle mouthed with three established paces in the school, he's pretty much anyone's ride, safe and sensible at all times and happy and willing to please. Percy has three steady yet established paces in the school he's super forgiving and even though he does require leg he's not dead to your leg, he's a full up 15"2 hands a real chunky weight carrier and is like a comfy arm chair to ride. Pig is happy to hack out alone or in company you can ride him at the end of the buckle in any traffic, as shown in my videos. He's steady and super safe! He's not going to win any races as he's not the fastest horse out there but he will be one of the safest! He's happy to plod passed heavy traffic and farm machinery and not spooky or sharp. He will hack alone or in company and happy to go first or last. In open spaces he's super calm temperament does not change he's still snaffle mouthed an end of the buckle ride! He will have a canter along the bridal ways and has great breaks! Pig has excellent ground manners he's super affectionate and loving, as shown in my videos he's a super star to clip no fuss or issues he just falls asleep! He's brilliant to bath out and stands under the solaruim with his hay net munching away. He enjoys living in and does never come out fresh or full of himself iff you leave him a few days stabled with no excerise. He's great to load and travel and everyone adores his calming temperament. Percy Pig will stand for the mounting block now as we have taught him too however when he first come in he was a little scared of the block and once you got on he would walk off quickly! He now stands like a good lad and allows his rider to mount from the block and wait! This is all new to him but he's learnt this very well. He has no vices or no known issues. He's super friendly and a nice family cob for everyone to enjoy and have fun on. He's no world beater when it comes to show jumps however will jump a cross pole go over poles fine an pop the odd log when out hacking. Open to full vetting and bloods and comes with full warranty.

Brook Gaylor