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Super fun 12.2 JA pony

Jessica Ellis in North Lincolnshire

21 years old
Sports Horse
Show Jumping, Pony Club and Hunting
Rough Diamond (Bossman), previously a JA pony of Ireland, born 2002, is our super fun pony. He’s height certificated at 12.2 but he can easily take a small adult. My 16 year old niece who’s 5ft 7 has hunted him many times for my son. Very sad sale after only purchasing Bossman summer 2022 in the hope he may put the spark back into my sons riding bug. He’s actually been ridden by everyone but! My son has totally lost his love for riding, leaving no rider for this fantastic pony. Although 21 this year he is certainly not ready to stop and does not show his age what so ever. His love for speed is not calming. Bossman is no point and kick pony, he needs riding with passion and will. If his rider shows willing he gives 110%. He’s been showjumping with us and placed every time. He has been fabulous at pony club rallies and events and is no problem around other ponies. He is not particularly the pony that wants pampering all day and is not always the easiest to catch unless you have a handful of treats then he’s all yours. He definately lives up to his name of being the Boss but his stubborn character is easily managed. Can live in or out, easy to do, good for farrier (currently bare foot), not bad to clip however depends how long it takes and does need the odd twitch for certain areas. Bossman has been no problem what so ever whilst we’ve owned him. He can go weeks without being ridden and be no different when you get on him again. He’s a super star that has a strong character but once he’s your friend he can be very loving.
North Lincolnshire

Jessica Ellis

North Lincolnshire