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Ultimate Allrounder Welsh Section D.

Sharon Bunney in Leicestershire

10 years old
Dark Bay
Welsh section D
All-Rounder, Hunting and Mother-daughter share
Thorneyside Glynn aka Phill is a 15hh fully registered Welsh section D gelding. I wouldn't call him a typical Welsh section D, he's super light mouthed, never takes a pull, he's more of a kick along than a zoomie. He will hack alone and in company, will look at things, but not a big spooker at all, just more of a banana. Will lead or follow in company. Great in open spaces, doesn't get silly at all. Together we have done hunt rides, beach rides, pleasure rides etc. My sharer enjoys jumping him, XC, SJ and WH. He'll jump 90cm, scope for more, he gets his confidence from his jockey, if you say go, he'll go. He loves hunting, a few playful bucks at the start but settles well and jumps everything. He doesn't particularly enjoy flat showing as he did this alot before I bought him, but he will do a perfect show with lovely manners. Has done RIHS workers classes with respectable placings. He is good to catch, box, shoe and clip (I twitch him to clip his belly as he's ticklish). He's good to bath and groom. Phill is a all round pleasure to deal with. Currently spending his first winter out and loving it, but will also live in. Will come with full wardrobe, all top quality stuff. Does dish so won't ever be a HOYS horse, but is a perfect all rounder. Phill may not pass a 5 star vetting, due to some small furry lumps between his front legs, haven't changed in 3 years, and its really not a game changer. No trials, loans or people with narrow minds.

Sharon Bunney