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Stunning tri coloured mare

Greenhill equestrian in Ellesmere

14 years old
Cob x
All-Rounder and Happy Hacker
Missy Moo Lovely straight FORWARD, FUN and BUZZY mare Full up 15.1/2hh, 14 yrs old tricoloured mare In the school – Moo is a forward and responsive ride with good breaks. she works in a natural outline and tries her hardest to please her rider. Very light to aids, knows her job. She is a bussy that like to get on with it, if you don't like forward, she is not for you. In the school she lights up, she is joggy in walk and forward in trot. She is not a project to iron out quirks, she wants a rider to work with her to improve her. Hacking - Moo Hacks alone or in company, first or last and even takes the kids out hacking one their ponies and looks after them safely. She happily walks out, but is also happy to wait for the ponies’ little legs to catch up. Moo’s a pleasure to ride she goes past the primary school with children playing and screaming without issue, and will pull into gaps on the lane to let cars past etc, without issue. Moo is not a kick alone type, she happily strides out and is a very pleasurable hack. Jumping - Very straight forward and willing, happily take someone around a track of fences, bold to a fence, doesn’t back off fillers etc… has never refused with us! Open spaces - great in open spaces, happily canters around open field and pops some logs, while with us has always been snaffle mouthed and never bolted, reared or bucked. XC - Missy Moo has been xc schooling, proving bold and brave, in fact did not look at a single fence jumped everything asked, ridden in a snaffle, jumped ditches, logs and straight into water no questions asked, very keen and loves the job. History we have been told - Moo was with her last owner since being broken and did most activities from riding club, fun rides and hacking, when her owner became too old to ride Moo she bred a couple of foals and was turned out in a huge field with cows where she became rather over weight. Unfortunately, now the lady has passed away her husband sent her to the lady we bought her through, here she went on a diet, had her teeth and feet done and checked over by a vet, she also had her passport replaced as hers had been lost. She then came to us and we brought her back into work. She has been nothing but a star from day one and was clearly very loved. She is a forward fun mare with good brakes, that would turn her hooves to most activities. A pleasure to own. Missy Moo is not for a novice or nervous rider as she is a switched-on mare, who likes to get on with the job. Buzzy, fun forward mare. She is a good sized mare and would not suit 12 yr old to come off ponies. Schooling - XC - Hacking alone - Hacking - tack up - Riding in field - School - School - hacking - more hacking - Tackless -

Greenhill equestrian