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13.2 Archie, All round Pony Club pony, 17years

angus jackson in Cambridge

17 years old
Welsh Section B
All Rounder and Pony Club
Archie : 13.2 hh 17 year old Gelding Grey Welsh Section B Pony (with green passport) Low end of mid 4 figures Very sad sale of Archie, (through no fault of his own) my absolute best friend for years. He wouldn’t be going anywhere if I was a little smaller and had enough time to give him the attention he deserves. He is a super safe second pony, who is happy to accommodate total beginners occasionally. He is totally bomb proof. Not bothered by: very low flying chinooks, combines, rattling trailers, other horses on hacks, random plastic bags, pigs, dogs etc (i often put chickens on his back in when he is loose in the field), fast cars (once 3 police cars with sirens zoomed past him at high speed and he just carried on walking totally unfazed). He has a very big character and will randomly decide to pretend to be scared of something that he has walked past a million times before. This is always fixed by me growling “Archie” to remind him not to be so silly!! He would be best suited as a second pony. He is the type to get a little cheeky, he tests the boundaries (this is just his personality, the best way to handle this is to basically ignore it) this side of his character is entertaining rather than annoying! He can get excited and become bouncy, his bounces are easy to sit, he never actually tries to get you off. He is not nasty in any way!! He can go from very excited and cantering on the spot (due to me jigging him up) to plodding along within seconds. Has done loads of things including: PC camp + loads of events and training sessions Low key SJ comps / training sessions. XC comps / schooling which he looooves! Pairs XC competitions (been leading and following) ODE Mounted games Bareback and tackless jumping Hacks out sensibly- in company, alone, first or last Good for farrier, dentist, vet Good at loading, unloading, travelling Never reared or bolted Loves to be ridden but doesn't need it to keep him calm. He has a rocking horse canter and a lovely jump. He will always sort himself out or will just jump off any dodgy stride. He is a very careful jumper and tries his absolute hardest to clear every jump. He can stop at new jumps, but the more you do the less he stops. I genuinely think if someone had frequent jumping lessons this would be fixed; for example after PC camp he was jumping anything I pointed him at. He loves XC but can be a little silly with ditches but if you confidently pesist he always jumps them. He is very good and loves mounted games. I think he would make an excellent Games pony. We do loads of bareback and he always looks after me. Our tackless jumping was amazing and a testament to his calm, safe character. He's so safe, I've stood on him to reach greengages at the top of the tree, hacked the whole length of a bridleway with me sitting backward, handstands and anything else you can think of. He hasn't done much dressage due to me really not enjoying it but with a more enthusiastic person I'm sure he'd excel at it! He really knows where his legs are and often does the odd flying change when he's being ‘bouncy’. He is happy to live out all year round Safe after a break Comes with fitted saddle and bridle Full wardrobe Shod on front only Not the type to easily lose or gain weight (but he is a pony!) Not dominating to other horses Open to vetting His ideal owner would be a confident, kind, young rider wanting to have safe fun with a friendly companion. He is basically an all round legend and the type everyone falls in love with. For more information please contact: 07954810832

angus jackson