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Cydney Gilbz in Canterbury

11 years old
Welsh d x thoroughbred
🐴Casino jackpot 🐴 Jack is a very special boy who I have produced over the past 2 years, he has a lovely temperament and good manners and is always a yard favourite due to his cheeky character and funny tricks! He is a saint to lunge and is well schooled, has done a large amount of jumping over various objects but does lack in confidence so relies on a brave rider to encourage him. I have taken him xc a few times and proves to be quite bold jumping hedges skinnies banks and through the water however I haven’t done a huge amount with him. Always good for the dentist, physio and farrier! Good to shoe, loads himself in a trailer (never had him in anything else) and is good to clip however not too keen with his face being done but can successfully do a half face. He’s great to hack. Not much fazes him, never bucks or bolts (snaffle mouthed) and he’s not affected by big open fields or other horses playing up. doesn’t mind being in front ,behind or alone however is cautious around bigger vehicles like lorry’s or tractors so needs a good passing space distance. He loves the beach and is never strong or silly. Has hunted before however I have never taken him but he proves to be a good hedge hopper.He looks after all his riders no matter how old or what level but wouldn’t predominately sell him to a novice as being a Welsh he can be have the odd spook at silly things like many horses do. He is a very special boy who has been an essence to my riding development and know he could teach any other lucky person and equally they could teach him more too, he is a dream in every way so this is a decision that was not taken lightly and for this reason he is to the best of homes only. He has absolutely no vices and is very well mannered only thing that pushes for this sale is me wanting something with more experience to take me eventing. Strictly NO DEALERS or short term homes. can provide any added information you wish to know and plenty of videos. Please message me on 07478282190

Cydney Gilbz