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Slim Shady Top Showjumper

Flo Thurston in Gloucester

7 years old
Show Jumping, Dressage and Eventing
Slim shady is a 16h rising 8 year old AES with amazing breeding and an insane jump. I absolutely adore this horse and he will only be going to the very best home and I would like to stay in contact with the next owners. Temperament - In the stable slim loves all attention he can get, he is extremely cuddle and will wrap his head around you to cuddle you and will stand all day to be pampered, he’s easy to bath, plait, and good for the farrier. He’s always a yard favourite and pulls funny faces and whinnies to everyone that walks by. He’s happy to be in or out with company or without. To turnout he needs someone confident because although doesn’t pull he will jog next to you the hole way. Flat. On the flat slim had 3 smooth floaty paces and very responsive to your aids but isn’t strong. He understands lateral movements and flying changes. I’m not a dressage rider but I think if someone wanted to do pure dressage he would be very successful. He can be a little fresh after a few days off and no turn out. Most he does is jog about for 10 minutes as you warm up. Jumping. To jump slim is an absolute machine but not for someone that just wants a calm plod around a course. Once he is locked on a fence you are going over it, he doesn’t tank towards it but he is forward and would rather take a stride out than put one in. Just needs someone confident. He’ll jump around a course if 1.30 happily and competed up to 1.20. He’s not affiliated in a year due to college commitments but has done some unaffiliated. He’s also been xc schooling which I have some videos of. Hacking. He’s super fun to hack but again not a plod and will jog a lot of the way but he’s good on roads and open field and happy to be in front for behind. He can occasionally spin in something spooks him but this has warning and he never gives anywhere after. He’s been on lots of fun rides and happy to be out all day. He had a vetting a year okay which he passed absolutely fine but open to any more vettings, x rays, viewing etc.

Flo Thurston