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Cracking project/broodmare

Holly Holmes in Hengoed

15 years old
Irish Draught x
Broodmare, Companion and All-Rounder
This is a very Honest ad so please take the time to read carefully if you’re interested as this sale is hard enough as it is without time wasters or stupid questions that are answered in this. We bought May back in October last year and have since realised that she is not the right horse for me or for where i am based. Although she has come on leaps and bounds with me and is good is some aspects we have continuous issues with hacking her out on her own. Which being located on a private yard makes it hard to ride her out with friends or family being to busy to hack out with me. STABLE MANNERS, Mabel has amazing stable manners. She will kick the door if she is left alone in the stable while her friends are gone. She doesn't get pushy for food and will wait till you allow her to have it. You can walk around her in the stable and she won't harm you. Tying up she can get impatient, if there's another horse there she usually doesn't care but can paw the ground or dance around if left alone. CLIPPING. I've never really had any issues clipping Mabel. She is usually fully clipped (head and legs included) and doesn't mind the sound or the vibration of the clippers. Usually, she just stands there and chills. But sometimes she can get impatient, especially on her own and start to dance about. I usually have no issues doing her face, but she can pick her legs up or swing the front ones when trying to clip them. GROOMING. Mabel will allow you to groom her all day either in the stable or outside. Shes never bite or kicked me during her time of being with me. However, only over the last 6month has she started to learn to have her feet picked out. I never usually have any issues with the back but her front she does like to paw them out of your hand or stomp them back down. She has her good days and bad day when it comes to her feet where one day she’ll be fine and the other she trys to pull her foot away. FARRIER & DENTIST. Mabel need to be sedated for both farrier and the dentist. As stated before she can be a pain with her feet, the last couple of times after the first 10/20 minutes she gets impatient and just get pulling her foot back or just being naughty. Shes never kicked anyone but she can be a pain just pulling her feet back and pawing. Same for the dentist she get impatient and just starts getting pushy so its safer for everyone that shes sedated! However she did have my farrier out recently for a trim were she stood like a Saint surprisingly and didn't need sedation. However, would recommend till she's used to things. RIDING. Mabel is a funny one when it comes to being ridden. All the times I've taken her out with other horses shes always been amazing and I've had no issues. However haven't tested this since she's come back from training, however, was good with another horse then. Shes passed lorries, tractors etc and was not fazed. However, SHE WILL NOT HACK ALONE. We don't know what it is if its a mental block or what but she refuses to hack alone and can get quite dramatic with it. She will dive on the floor and paw the ground, spin or whatever she fancys at that moment. I have this on video. Although she does this. She's never tried to harm the rider. She has bolted once with a trainer I had out for her when she spoke at some horses running towards her while hacking alone. She has been sent away for training for about a month where the trainer made little progress but he feels it may be something psychological. When ridden in one of my fields shes always been a lazy kick along ride, she does buck if you dont keep the contact in canter. We have tried teaching her to jump where we popped the tiniest of jumps xD. She is amazing with other horses so we just don't understand why she has such a mental block riding on her own, this is why she will only be offered to an experienced home only! She has had the saddle fitter, dentist, chiro and physio out to make sure we could rule out pain, which it isnt pain so it must purly be something psychological. We have tried our hardest to work with her and rule out everything but unfortunately. With me busy working and her being on a private yard it isnt fair on neither of us if we continue this way as we’re just not suited to what each other needs. She does have what we think could be melanomas on her anus, which is only small and doesn't effect her at all. Vet has seen this and confirmed they won't get any bigger. She has recently been on a horse box and loaded and travelled fine. However, she will paw/kick with boots. She has had foals in the past and has come into heat this year so is a proven broodmare with plenty of bone. Mabel is a nervous and impatient mare that requires an experienced and knowledgeable home to ensure she is safely handed and in the right place. So please do not enquire if youre not experience or know what youre doing as she could easily hurt someone in the wrong hands. This is a hard sale as I love the mare to bits but its just not fair to either of us if we continue this way. So i must do what is right. I believe she could make an amazing hunt masters horse where she will be out all day in a group of horses or even an amazing mother again. I've tried to be as honest as I can to ensure this mare finds the best home suited to her and to make sure that she doesn't get passed around from pillar to post or hurt. And to make sure she doesn't get sold as something that she isn't and hurt someone in the process. Im wanting what I spent out on her back 3300, however home is much more important than anything. So price is very flexible for the right home!! She can come with rugs and tack for £4000

Holly Holmes