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13.1 Superstar Pony For Sale

Alison Cotterell in Herefordshire

9 years old
Blagdon Cob
All Rounder and Happy Hacker
Ruby has been a superstar pony for our family. She is an ideal family pony, perfectly suited for a competent child or small adult. She is one of the sweetest and most loving ponies and will stand for hours to be brushed and groomed. She is always up for a hose down and a bath and loves exploring rivers and countryside. She is barefoot and has been for as long as we’ve had her and before and has had no problems with hoof wear. She is currently stabled at night, and out during the day, but prefers being out as much as possible in all months. She has been perfect whilst turned out with geldings and mares - both in and out of a herd. Other horses seem to get attached to her very quickly but none of it affects her in the slightest. She can get a little girthy while tacking up, pulls faces and nibbles on the lead rope, but never maliciously and has not bitten anyone in the process. While she adapts to different rider’s capabilities, Ruby can be forward going in fields and whilst jumping, but never silly. She loves hacking out and going on adventures, she frequently travels up to 8 miles trekking through the Forest of Dean. She never bats an eyelid at any form of traffic- whether it be a tractor, trailers, or bikes. She is regularly hacked out on main roads and is not fazed by anything. Ruby has been in our home for the past 3 years and has had been ridden by our daughter- taking us out to PC camps, rallies, competitions, games, and eventing. She has taken our daughter from a beginner rider to jumping 60-70cm courses, pony racing and competing at local shows. Ruby is now looking for her new jockey to show the ropes. Heart breaking sale as now outgrown, would like to find her the right home where she will be ridden and loved, and hopefully keep in contact with her new owners. Plenty of pictures and videos available.

Alison Cotterell