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Allrounder Schoolmistress

Gina Stokes in England

19 years old
Welsh Section B
All Rounder, Pony Club and Show Jumping
Kalmara What a Surprise has been a fabulous pony and taught my daughter a lot but she is now ready to move onto something to take her further still. If you're looking for a second pony to teach your child to ride then Surprise will do that. Good Points *Speedy jumping pony - if you want to go and win she will win 50s/60s and even 70s , rarely has a pole *Great for mounted games, loves the speed, a little worried about the flags but we only did one session and she got a lot better towards the end *Travels well on her own in our small lorry and will stand on the lorry all day long *Great away from home has done pony club camp and Trailblazers *Doesn't behave any differently at shows *Not nappy at all when been to pony club, riding club *Fit and healthy, no cushings, history of lami etc *Great out hacking, not spooky, goes past all traffic *Good for the farrier *Fine being clipped *Up to date with vaccs, dentist, physio *Done lots of pony club rallies, does a good dressage test, stands on the buckle while others go out cross country, showjumping etc Bad Points I don't think there is a perfect pony, there are always going to be faults and I want to make sure she goes to the right home. *She is a bit spooky with fillers, we have worked for ages to help her get over her fear but she never gets better, this isn't going to change - has a small BS record and this reflects her fear of fillers *She's happiest jumping up to 70s, she has done 80s with her and jumped the puissance wall at a metre but I don't think she really enjoys jumping the bigger jumps *She will take a while to settle, she is a typical chestnut mare and will form a bond with her little person *Doesn't like travelling on her own in a trailer *Isn't a massive fan of standing and being pampered, she wants to go and do something, saying that she has mellowed a bit and my daughter can faff about with her a bit more than she used to She's a super little pony who knows her job and would be happy in an all round home where she can do a bit of everything. She does need a confident, gutsy child who wants to go quick when out jumping etc as she does want to get on with the job. A nervous child would not suit. She has taught my daughter a lot. More photos on Instagram under the #kalmarawhatasurprise

Gina Stokes