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16hh Allrounder/Polocrosse Mare

Eliza Hardy in Oxfordshire

6 years old
All-Rounder, Polo and Eventing
Evie is a 16hh 6yo TB mare who has a heart of gold. She raced just twice but was too slow and retired sound. She is not mareish and would make a fantastic allrounder! She would be a fab little polocrosse horse as she’s got the basics down with stick and ball and close contact so would just need work on spinning etc. She would also excel in low level eventing but will turn her hoof to pretty much anything with time. Evie is building muscle and getting fitter each day and would soon be ready to compete, but would also take to a life of happy hacking. ⭐️ Has done basic polocrosse training. Has done work with rider leaning to the ground. Good in close contact with other horses and has had balls thrown at her and around her, bounced under her and round her feet and had them thrown to and from her. ⭐️ Has started jumping with us. She was a flat racer so is new to jumping and still finding her technique but she is willing and seems to enjoy jumping. ⭐️ Has done her first fun ride with us recently (9 miles with XC Jumps) which she really enjoyed. Was a little exciteable at the start however soon settled into it nicely. Was happy to go in front or behind. Over took other horses calmly and was happy to be left behind cantering. ⭐️ Schools nicely and is learning to hold herself well. We’ve been schooling her regularly but she is green and needs more work in this area. We are taking her to a test this weekend to get her out and get some experience under her belt. ⭐️ Willing and eager attitude to work. ⭐️ Not phased in traffic, doesn’t bat an eyelid at large bin lorries etc. Has gone down busy A roads with no issues. ⭐️ Lovely to hack. Has recently done a long hack with a nervous rider in walk/trot/canter. Will calmly canter along fields next to/behind/in front of other horses. Has proven calm in open spaces. Has also been hacked alone proving really chilled and safe, just a little nappy to begin with but fine once we’re out the yard. ⭐️ Stands nicely to mount. ⭐️ ROR eligible. ⭐️ Lovely calm temperament, loves fuss and attention and will stand all day to be groomed in the stable. Doesn’t like being tied up alone for long periods but happily stands untied in her stable. She also stands tied up in company good as gold. ⭐️ Good for farrier/vet/physio/chiropractor, to catch, lead, load, travel, bath, lunge etc. ⭐️ Lives in or out happily with mares or geldings. ⭐️ Passported. ⭐️ Up to date with farrier, physio, worming, dentist and vaccinations etc. ⭐️ Doesn’t bolt, buck, kick etc. She reared once when we first got her but after having the dentist (we found she had ulcerations which caused her pain) she hasn’t done it since. Not a novice ride due to being an ex racer. Open to viewings and vettings. No tloans/lwvtb/payment plans etc. Located South Oxfordshire.

Eliza Hardy