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Confidence giver gentleman

Ian Fenny in Leicester

14 years old
Dark Bay
Mother-daughter share, Happy Hacker and All-Rounder
Dominic🐎 Is anyone out there looking for a friendly giant? Weight carrying, Mother daughter share, general amazing horse! Dom is a 17.2, 14 Year Old, ID. Dom has been in our yard for some time and has been Ian’s horse to ride, compete and hunt! He’s competed in Eventing, Showjumping, dressage, arena eventing, and just been a horse that’s always on the lorry to come for a pony party!!🥰 Dom would suit a home of mainly competitive flatwork, and fun jumping, he loves it but unfortunately isn’t the most careful horse and would much rather count how many are down rather than how many are left up😂 but if you don’t want to be super competitive! He’ll 100% take you around!🐎 Dom is fab to ride, will ride in a shape in all 3 paces and would and has done beautiful dressage test. He’s safe, but a switch on ride. He’s not a plod and is forward off the leg, there’s a lot of engine and trainability there, and because of this he would suit many riders! He doesn’t need a professional at all! He’s kind and gentle to handle, can live in or out, doesn’t need riding every single day, currently very fit and in 5 days a week work, and he thoroughly enjoys his work. He’s perfect in traffic, can be excited in open spaces but nothing dramatic at all, and if he didn’t hunt I’m sure he would settle more. To hunt he’s great, he is strong so does require some bitting, but he has done this all his life, he’s 100% not a gate jumper and is more of a follower but he’ll give you a nice day at least! He has hunted more in his past home that he has with us, due to him being more of a confidence giver/competition horse. We would love to see Dom find his forever home, we’re we can keep in touch and will love him for him. He has no vices other than can be a bit shouty if he’s on his own. He loves company. Mid 4 figures Earl Shilton Trial period is available with terms Please text or call 07947980158 Thankyou.

Ian Fenny