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Prince of Ashes at stud not for sell

Miss j Collins in Martock

4 years old
Akhal Teke X Warmblood X Thoroughbred
Eventing, Show Jumping and Hunting
YOUNG STALLION NOW STANDING AT STUD IN SOMERSET 16.1hh, 4 yo, Prince of Ashes is a stallion with nobility and refinement, an elegant high blood stallion with the ability. He is beautifully bred - his Dam is Polish Warmblood X TB by Saddlers Wells, his Sire is Kambarbay. Prince of Ashes - Akhal Teke X Warmblood X Thoroughbred. Looking for something different? Athleticism, elasticity, stamina, speed, agility, scope over a fence, excellent movement and a high percentage of blood? Prince of Ashes possesses all the desirable characteristics of the modern event horse. In addition he has a beautiful head, well defined limbs, a well proportioned length of body and neck along with the metallic golden sheen to his coat for which the breed are also renown. The Akhal Teke as a breed are famous for their great stamina, intelligence, speed, agility and bravery - the characteristics very much sought after for the eventing, endurance and all round sport horse. Whilst the Akhal Teke appear to be light of bone, it is in fact exceptionally dense, designed to cover hard ground at high speed without sustaining injury. The Akhal Teke are renowned for not suffering soundness issues with exceptionally strong tendons and hardy hooves that require little maintenance. MOVEMENT - Prince of Ashes has very good mechanics, the trot is light footed with excellent flexion of the joints, he has good reach through the shoulder and sufficient length of stride. His canter is quick and light with excellent self carriage and his walk is long, active and reaching. JUMPING - Prince of Ashes jumping technique is tactile and quick, with excellent foreleg technique. He has more than sufficient talent for jumping. He covers terrain with ease and is very sure footed, he is bold and confident for a young stallion. TEMPERAMENT - Prince of Ashes temperament is golden, he is a very gentle and obedient stallion, attached to those he entrusts. He shows high intelligence. He is extremely laid back and very inquisitive and takes it all in his stride. Prince of Ashes is now standing at stud in Somerset. Lots of videos available of him and his babies Please WhatsApp me

Miss j Collins