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12.3 Dun Dartmoor 11 years forward kick along

Cai Robson in Berkhamsted

11 years old
Dartmoor hill pony
Pony Club, Show Jumping and All Rounder
12.3 dun gelding Dartmoor hill pony 11year old ( unregistered) passported by pet id Forward going yet off the leg, he won’t bolt off just will speed a little if not checked back to stay at the speed required , so somewhere between a 1st and second pony, safe and steady fantastic in the open field , doesn’t hot up, he has been ridden by adults and kids and respects them both , he hasn’t been thrashed around, he has been introduced to jumping And has found to be quite , forward and respectful into a jump , doesn’t over jump so great for newbies learning to jump ,has jumped everything from fillers , walls coloured poles and rustic , logs barrels and even ski ramps and tiger traps ,jumped up to 85 with 9 year old girl new to jumping and 5’7” adult rider, with very little time he would a lovely JA or pony club team pony Previously has been a hacking pony, a pony so has low mileage, so schooling needs a little work, he can carry a perfect outline which it isn’t constant, snaffle mouthed and a martingale as he avoids the contact with heavy hands and lifts his head , so he has be taught the left right wiggles to come back into an outline , and respect the rein and settled down into a shape He loads, leads , shows , x-countries , jumps , hacks , turns out with mares and geldings ,clean and well behaved in the stable , ties up and stands for hours , doesn’t snatch grass ridden or in hand, never had lami, good around feed, doesn’t kick in the field , respects fencing , good with farrier, has been clipped once before, an absolute gem , I’d love him to find a gutsy rider who want to have fun popping jumps pony club fun and games , , ………. Bad bits ….. ….. errrrrm not many. I can only think of…. if he will flick the reins in his mouth and have a chew on his reins if left unattended, and that he lifts his head when fighting a contact but is getting better each day with it a little schooling and he’s a poppet Only wanting a new mum as dad as we do not want to see him wasted sitting in the field , and heart breaking sale, If your looking for a show pony that is perfectly schooled or jumping 1m tracks then look in the higher price bracket!! If you want something that is safe and super fun for your kids to do anything you ask of him to do to the best of his ability , then this is your boy He’s very full up 12.3 and has been ridden by adults, so no nervous novice riders are not his cup of tea! Owner wants to keep in touch Located in south east HP

Cai Robson


I’m a keen horse owner, my three children have their own horses along with their grandmother and we all keep our horses together in our family stables