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Silver dapple and white skewbald gelding, approx 14.2hh, just turned 5yrs old

Private Seller in Stratford-upon-Avon

5 years old
Friesian / Coloured Cob Cross
Youngstock , All Rounder and Showing
Had this lovely chap since he was 2yrs old and he’s just turned 5yrs old. Bought him to be my next Trec horse but sadly hasn’t made height for me, otherwise, I would certainly be keeping him. Stunning boy with dapples in his summer coat and a deep chocolate winter coat. When I bought him, I was advised his breeding was friesian/coloured cob cross. He moves beautifully and is bump, blemish and sarcoid free and has never been lame, sick or sorry. He is fun, cheeky, highly intelligent and trainable and has a sweet, kind nature towards humans and other animals. Loves playing with the other youngsters in the paddock, (great as he keeps himself fit)! Equally, he loves to be by your side when you are mucking out the field, nuzzling you for a cuddle. Definitely the herd joker, who thinks it’s funny when your back is turned to tip the wheelbarrow over or throw the rugs over the fence! He is a good doer and with us has happily lived out unrugged in a paddock with a field shelter 24/7 both on his own and with others. He is only stabled at night and out in the day currently as we have ploughed and reseeded our usual turnout field, but he is quite settled and doesn’t seem bothered. I certainly would not want a home where he is couped up in the stable for long periods of time as he loves to be out. He is very comfortable with other animals and has seen dogs, donkeys, alpacas, rabbits, sheep, goats and chickens and he’s not bothered. He’s also comfortable with all sorts of noise as there is always someone hammering, drilling, sawing or making a noise with power tools adjacent to him! Our neighbour often drives all manner of very large heavy plant equipment past him in the field and cars have passed him on the drive and he doesn’t bat an eyelid. He will stand quietly to be groomed and trimmed, and although he will jump and snort when the clippers or jet washer first go on, he will then stand and relax to be fully jet washed or clipped. He is excellent with dentist, farrier and vaccination visits and is fully up to date with all. In the main he is good to catch, occasionally, due to his playful nature, he sometimes likes to canter around a few times and buck and squeal before he decides to come over, no malice whatsoever and easily solved by ignoring him and rustling a bag with a carrot in. Normally you can just go up to him in the middle of the field and pick out all four feet without him being haltered. He has been handled daily since he was 2, and had plenty of training on the ground, he politely moves on, backs up, moves over, doesn’t get in your space, gives kisses and shakes hands. He loads and travels well and has been lead and long reined on plenty of country walks in open spaces to see the big wide world. He will happily follow you on the lead rein up and down hills, over small logs and ditches, through gates, down narrow tracks, through the woods, over plastic sheets etc. I backed him at 3½ yrs old (when I was much lighter!) in our paddock bareback with a halter and he wasn’t bothered, he was more interested in turning round to look at me and nibbling my toes! Over the course of a few weeks, we walked and trotted up the drive both bareback and with saddle and he behaved impeccably but we don’t have any real hacking here and can only go a mile or so. He was then turned away to grow and mature for a year whilst we have been busy with a major project at work. I sat on him several months ago out of the blue, after not sitting on him for a year and walked him a few hundred yards up the drive with someone on foot and he was a superstar and wasn’t phased. He’s had my friends non horsey kids sit on him in the stable and loves all the attention. He has all the right foundation work for someone experienced to build on. I never expected to be selling this chap and he is very close to my heart so I am looking for a long term 5* home with a lightweight adult or an older experienced teenager as he is young and needs someone experienced and knowledgeable to continue his education, absolutely no novices. Homes will be vetted and riding experience will be requested and he will not be sold to a dealer. All information about him is in the advert. Any other information, please ask. Genuine enquiries only, no timewasters. Open to vet.

Private Seller