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Super fun 12hh competition/PC pony

Victoria McNamara in St Albans

18 years old
Pony Club and Show Jumping
Any kids out there with a need for speed? My friend has bought a stunning little grey mare about 11.2-12hh for her little girl that has proven to be just too much pony for a nervous wee dot and needs a bigger, braver bestie. She’s staying with me for now as my daughter is much bigger and more experienced and shes been having the time of her life all half term with her and the decision has been reached that she should find a new 🏡. She’s the bravest little pony to a fence, she’s not stopped once, we have taken her xc and she was flying round, straight over ditches, in the water, up to 85-90cm. She’s been to two Halloween shows and absolutely cleaned up in the gymkanah games, not phased by any of the equipment, happy to stand and wait for kids to fiddle about with the equipment and stirrup back on but equally happy to run for the vault if asked. She has done mounted games with previous homes. She would be well suited to a competitive pony club home wanting to do a bit of everything as she enjoys the variety. We have hacked her and she was angelic but friend found her a little jumpy with fast traffic coming up behind- she didn’t do anything nasty just tensed and turned to look but she may be happier in a home with quieter roads (they are london based, I’m more rural which seems to suit her.) My daughter has done everything with her herself and she’s not put a foot wrong beyond some face pulling when her girth is done up, she loads and travels in a box or trailer perfectly, she is easy to catch, feet etc and has no stable vices. I’ve not clipped her so can’t speak for that. She’s vaccinated etc & 18 years old, she’s clearly an experienced first competition pony rather than a FYFR type so not for a nervous novice kid off lead but is excellent on lead rein. She’s very chunky built and takes up a lot of leg, always in a snaffle but would be strong at times in it and needs a child who knows the concept of a half halt and sitting deep. Sold with tack and rugs.
St Albans

Victoria McNamara

St Albans