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11.1hh Welsh Section A price reduced!

Jennifer Burgess in East Sussex

15 years old
Welsh Section A
Happy Hacker
Price reduced as new pony coming! We are selling Honey as a lead rein pony, although she will happily go off the lead, she needs a confident rider for this as she can be a bit opinionated. Honey’s favourite thing is hacking, she really enjoys going out and about, isn't spooky, fabulous in traffic, very safe in open spaces and happy to hack alone or in company. In the school she can be sassy off the lead, and she’s not the biggest fan of jumping. Honey is a typical Welsh and can be cheeky and sometimes a bit mareish. She requires a pony savy adult to keep her in check at times. However she's never bucked or reared, kicked or bitten and is safe on the ground, will stand to let children groom her, plait her etc. She is a bit girthy at times and she can be difficult to load (needs some work in this department!). Honey is a very pretty mare and behaves extremely well on the show ground (when you get her there!). She has bags of character and deserves a loving home where she won’t be allowed to get away with her mischievous ways. Very tough decision as we love her very much, but we need to move on to the next stage and sadly can’t keep her as well. Perfect home is much important than price. 15 years old, up to date with teeth and vaccines, no health issues, never had laminitis or sweet itch. Honey will come with bridle and rugs.
East Sussex

Jennifer Burgess

East Sussex