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Super Hunting/PC Pony

Phia Howson in Stevenage

13 years old
Hunting, Pony Club and All Rounder
Heartbreaking post but one that we’ve discussed is right for both our beloved Goldie & our family, too. GOLDIE - Super Hunting Pony!! 🌟🐴✨ 13yo 12.2hh Welsh Pony- unknown breeding. Want to start by saying that she is only for sale due to having x3 ponies and only two little jockeys! Time restraints mean we haven’t got the time to do them all justice. We honestly would not be selling any of them otherwise. Goldie, although initially advertised as a second pony when we bought her due to her cheeky reputation, was my daughters first pony and has quite literally taught her everything she knows today. She is a saint and (as per the video) puts up with my little boy on a daily basis which even I struggle to do 😂😂. She has also gone on to be my sons (who is 4) first pony and has taken him from lead rein to off lead rein in the school and has introduced him to the hunting and showjumping world. I won’t lie and say that she has always been foot perfect, because she hasn’t, I mean what pony is?! However, she has never bolted, reared or been nasty with us. The occasional buck and zoomies in the school have been had but she has always been foot perfect to hack and hunt. Absolutely fab in all traffic! Often having to lead my mare past the scary stuff 😂 There really isn’t anything we haven’t done with her to be honest. We have done hunt rides, endless days hunting, hunter trials, show jumping, beach rides, forest rides, swimming (as pictured haha)- absolutely everything and under saddle I cannot fault this little mare at all. On the ground she can be a little marish with the typical mare things such as girthing or brushing the flank area. She’s never kicked any of my children and has had kids grooming her for hours. However, she has tried to nip them occasionally. They always just tell her off and crack on. For this reason, I would say she would need a confident little person who isn’t afraid to tell her off and wouldn’t be put off by this. Also parents who haven’t got unrealistic expectations of ponies as we all know how cheeky they can be at times! Out on the hunt field, Goldie will give any fence a go however, we have found that in the showjumping ring, she’s comfortable up to 70cm and beyond this is a bit of a push for her. I wouldn’t say she has the heart for showjumping any bigger than this and this is why I have advertised her as a hunter as this is where she excels! Alternatively she’d be a fab pony for lower height jumping, hunt rides, fun rides, hacking, beach rides etc etc! Goldie is easy to do in all ways! She’s fab with the vet, farrier, to clip (gets a little fussy with her back legs so I tend to do them first so she doesn’t get bored), to load, to travel- and SUPER clean in her stable which is always a bonus 😂 Selling Goldie is going to absolutely break our families hearts but we know that it is now her time to show another bold little rider the ropes and fill them with the confidence she has done my children. Will only go to the absolute best home, which will be vetted and will have a first refusal contract in place. Mid four figures. Please PM for any additional information. ♥️

Phia Howson