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Stunning Welsh D - All rounder with a LOVELY jump!

Starling stables in Peterborough

8 years old
Welsh D
All Rounder, Show Jumping and Pony Club
Crumpet is a stunning mare that craves a purpose and guidance, a little bit of everything really seems to suit this girl. She has the most beautiful jump and this is where her heart lies, jumped by my 10 year old and never strong with it, happy to potter around the arena when not jumping but is on the steady side with this. We seek either an older rider or a mother/daughter share as she may become lazy with a sole child rider again. Steady as it goes with this one. She is turned out with mares and geldings and lives out 24/7 here. Happy to be stabled but will kick the door when she's been in too long. Good to catch, load, farrier, teeth and vet - Everything up to date. She was unbalanced in the trailer after a small incident in her previous home, however really good to travel and will do longer trips after a lot of trailer training our end. She had grade 2 ulcers a fair while ago now, that have been completely effectively treated, is on a gut balancer to keep at bay and keep her happy. She is brave but safe, she is loyal and very trainable. She has settled and moulded into our way of working so effortlessly and is thriving everyday to make us happy. She will do well one to one bond and works hard for someone she is fond of. She has a positive attitude to her work but still having a sensible head on her shoulders she knows her place and is respectful of boundaries, she needs someone that can keep up with this who wants a fun mare with stunning presence and potential! Came to us barefoot, now much better with shoes. She is social and wants to be involved in everything. And loves a cuddle. Will dance for the cold hose (but so would I)!! Like a dog to lead in or out, impeccable walking manners and comes to call (for the people that hate walking 😁) Led and groomed by a 10yo. Done everything you could think of pony club, SJ shows, road hacking, wood hacking. Struggles to hack solo but stables is on a 60mph road so not saying she wouldn't in a safer environment. But is more of a follower. She enjoys a calm rider who is ready to do the things she is capable of doing in a calm, controlled and relaxed way.

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