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Fun British Riding Pony

india rain in North Yorkshire

5 years old
British Riding Pony
Show Jumping, Pony Club and Showing
Tiger-Lily is such a fantastic pony to have on the yard and is only for sale due to not having a small jockey. She was originally bought for my 6yo niece to move onto but we quickly realised Tiger is too good a pony to stand in a field for a year or two. She walks, trots and canters under saddle like a dream, a well-bred pony with Greenbarrow Mr Smee and Rotherwood Peter Pan in her bloodlines, which has resulted in her having beautiful and flashy paces that are sure to turn heads in the show ring. Tiger has never put a foot wrong under saddle and absolutely loves her job as a ridden pony. She easily jumps a course of 60cm with potential to go higher but due to my height (5’8) I don’t feel comfortable pushing her, although she would have no problem with bigger fences. We have taken her to arena hires and lessons away from home and she behaves impeccably. She will happily stand on the trailer all day long, she will stand to be clipped, groomed, tacked up, rug changes and is good to load, farrier, vet, etc. Hacks out alone or in company and has seen farm traffic. She isn’t phased by unusual or previously unseen objects. She’s a brave little thing. Tiger has lived both in and out and is happy all round, she loves being in our little herd. I have tried to show Tiger as much as I can and have galloped safely in an open field, she has a stop button as well as a go button, she’s such a fun pony with so much to give. Tiger hasn’t been rushed or pushed by any means and has taken everything in her stride. She’s a super intelligent pony that only needs to be shown something new once and will then turn her hoof to anything you ask of her. Tiger sorts out her own strides whilst jumping, even throwing in the odd half stride if need be when coming to a fence and needs little to no encouragement when in the jumping ring. I'm not a dressage rider but Tiger is showing natural movement in this area if this was your preferred discipline. Tiger is rising 5, a second pony and would suit a confident child or teen she can go all the way with. She is desperate for her very own teammate and is the first to shout and come running when she hears the gate latch, she will be missed massively! 5 star home only for little Tiger as she is genuinely such a lovely person and will make an exceptional pony for someone to put their own stamp on. She has a real wow factor with her siblings, sire and grandsire always in the ribbons at shows and regularly competing at HOYS. It would be a shame for her to not get out there and excel too. Please don’t hesitate to message me with questions and/or picture/video requests! She has been filmed loading, photographed with the farrier and whilst being clipped etc etc. I will happily send anything you need and can always jump on a call if you have any more queries :) We are an experienced home (40 years exp in the equine world). We absolutely adore our horses and have them stabled at home with us so we always keep a close eye on them and ensure they have the life (and grass!!) they deserve. We’re good at spotting joyriders so no time wasters please as this is a very sad sale, we really want the very best for Tiger.
North Yorkshire

india rain

North Yorkshire