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Fabulous Pony Club/hunting pony

Rebecca Eccles in Doncaster

10 years old
Pony Club, Hunting and Mother-daughter share
Easter our lovely 10yr old 14.2 Green book Connie is looking for a new home. This is a very honest advert as we love this pony so much and she deserves to have the best home. Please ensure you read to the end and then read again before contacting me. Please excuse the long advert but I want to try to answer as much as possible and she has so many good things to tell you about. If you are looking for a fun forward going pony club pony this girl fits the bill. She has done everything pony club has to offer. She has been in the same home with us since she was 4 and my daughter was 10 and she has produced her by herself with the support of amazing instructors. So The good bits: · She is so much fun and loves going fast. · Hunting is her favourite past time, team chasing, pairs. Anything she can do having fun with buddies. Jumps anything out in the field. Will happily hunt all day long, comes home full of life. · Loves mounted games · She travels amazing, in fact so much as you can forget you have a pony on board! · Has been part of Grove Pony Club for past 5 years being a regular on the teams and going to all summer camps. · Good for farrier, doesn’t grow much hoof so shoes can last to 10 weeks (farriers instructions) · Is clipped by a 16 year old · Will stand all day at competitions · Happily lives in or out · Will hack out both alone and in company, can be spooky on her own but just needs to be told to get over herself. · I’ve never noticed her be in season she doesn’t show or have changes in behaviour · Has lived with mares and geldings · Will leave field mates when needed and can be left out when her field mates come in. She may call. · Tolerates being dressed up in all the fancy dress gear, and regularly gets painted/drawn on at camp · Great with dogs, pigs and chickens and trains (has to stand at railway crossings to hack out onto river bank) · Has 2 sets of tack and multiple rugs available at separate cost. · Due to me having long term conditions she has always been looked after my daughter with minimal support including studding up etc. · Has gone on regular horse holidays with us and loves the beach. · Doesn’t need riding everyday · We’ve done all the hard work training, so you can just have fun. Accolades · Won GHPC winter dressage league in Intermediate section 2022 and qualified for Pony club Spring Festival · Represented Grove PC at pony club area 6 competitions in dressage, SJ and eventing (pre Covid) · Represented Grove PC in team show jumping at Chatsworth, Rockingham and Osberton International horse trials · Evented at under 18’s British eventing · Came 4th in pony club eventing league – grassroots · Top 10 finalist at Pony Club regional championships Here’s the not-so-great bits · Only sees humans to serve her with food and bum rubs. She has no other use for you · She’s grey!! And will cost you a fortune in every whitening product you can find · She never puts her ears forward for photos. · She’s a fidget arse to be bathed and plaited up · Won’t eat or drink when out all day so you have to find inventive ways of getting food and water down her. · She only likes to wee on the trailer/horse box after competing, so get ready with a bucket. · Likes to hide poos in her bed · She doesn’t see the point of standing still · She snorts like a dragon at anything new Sounds amazing doesn’t she? So here is the reason she’s not a 5 figure pony · She has a history of ulcers, but we manage this successfully by diet · Last year she was diagnosed with some remodelling to her stifles. I have emails of the x-rays to show serious buyers. She has had steroid injections and you wouldn’t notice but just means for us we don’t want her to have that high pressured eventing life anymore. She still regularly jumps in training up to 1m plus and it doesn’t bother her. You will know if she needs injecting as she will stop jumping. The vets recommend having her injected every 6 months to keep on top of it cost approx. £300 for both stifles. Don’t worry we’ve already outlaid the biggest cost of getting her diagnosed. · There’s no reason she can’t still compete but she probably would benefit from starting at a lower level and not all time, she has been there and done that To clarify if you are looking for an FEI competition pony she is not for you, that is not her future anymore. If you are looking for a fun pony club/hunting pony and have the commitments to meet her needs and has a child that just loves to ride she could be the pony for you. She is jut best pony club pony through and through. I’m not going to say she’s not a Novice ride as my daughter was only 10 when we got her herself. But she’s not a plod/kick along pony she’s more like a sports car than a hatchback. And she has happily pootled around our arena with our friends learner riders on when they visit. Please be sensitive, my daughter is truly heartbroken, and we have tried to find every reason to keep her. But in reality she has moved onto horses and has A levels and possibly uni next year so just doesn’t have the time, and Easter is still young and deserves to be someone’s pony of a lifetime. We have literally thousands of pictures and videos of her on my daughters Instagram and facebook pages @evie_eccles_eventing Easter has her own highlights album If you have any questions, I will answer them honestly as we just want the best home for her. Mid/High 4 🥕🥕🥕's , because she’s worth it………. Telephone 07810441977 I do work though so please be aware if I don't answer

Rebecca Eccles