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Zebedee 12hh Lead Rein

Kirsty Morgan in Swansea

14 years old
Cross breed
All Rounder and Pony Club
* Zebedee * Looking for a new home Unfortunately due to our little one not very interested, zebedee is now looking for a new Zeb is a 12hh, 14 years, dun pony. Since being with us he has only been on lead rein and is literally the perfect lead rein pony. My 3 year old and 4 year old ride him and he has never put a foot wrong when they are on board. With previous owner he was ridden on and off lead rein, jumping,hacking, shows. We haven't owned zeb for very long but it's such a shame to see him being wasted when he can bring on some little one :) We have hacked him on the country roads and down through the river and was a little dream. He can go for weeks without being ridden and literally does nothing when the kids jump back on him. Zeb is now living in the nights which took us a while as he was so used to living out most of his life but now he absolutely loves coming in to his stable. He can take a little while to settle into a new place (that's what happened with us) but now he is a little darling. Good for the farrier Good for dentist Good to travel It's taken us a little while to get him settled as he was very rude but with some groundwork and routine was absolutely fab and my little ones could groom him and would be a little dream. Recently due to my little ones not very interested he hasn't been bothered with as much and has become a little rude again. But as soon as he is in routine he is absolutely fine again. This pony is perfect for a lead rein as he just looks after any little one. It's just a shame my little one isn't very interested at the moment. He will come with his tack, rugs etc. If any more videos/photos wanted please just ask away :)

Kirsty Morgan