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Project palomino/ broodmare

Katy Jones in Bristol City

6 years old
All-Rounder, Broodmare and Happy Hacker
Honey is 16.1 warmblood mare rising 7 palamino She was found to have KS in one vertebrae and 3 other shaved as a preventative measure so 4 in total. The case was very mild. Rehabbed professionally by Sophie Seymour and came back to me absolutely perfect we hacked out went to the beach did a few fun rides was a brilliant lead for our new pony. Very good brakes, very much enjoyed hacking, forward, non-spooky, ears forward, superb brakes when said pony was being naughty behind. Found her to be sour in the arena, head tossing tail swishing unwilling to ride forward (yet Sophie Seymour had not suffered with these issues during rehab she described her as a little unwilling but once you told her to go she schooled like a dream, had a tendency with Sophie to ‘nap’ at a certain part of the arena and by nap she would simply pull herself out of the lovely outline Sophie had got her in and toss her head, Sophie would correct it and she would continue to school beautifully) I decided therefor to keep her out of the arena and let her enjoy hacking so for a further 4-6 months I just hacked When introducing her into an arena she continued to be sour although in that time I did have a professional rider come and ride her (to see if it ‘was me’) and she got some lovely work out of her I wanted to further investigate this so had a bone scan which revealed mild arteritis in the neck and hocks. Both were injected and she became better. She was working forwards her ears were forward and bright, she seemed finally happy. I started to get a buck into canter whilst out hacking (I will admit when she did this I would stop her rather than ‘ride through it’) so whilst on a holiday I sent her to Charlotte Seymour for some schooling again where they had no problems with her, she went to a few SJ lessons and around a XC course. She was seen to buck into the canter out in XC but the rider squeezed her on and she jumped as well as a young green horse could have at that stage. She was at this schooling livery for 6 weeks. To describe the buck it was not a handstand but legs kicking out behind her. I have videos of a lady cantering her on the buckle, no reins whatsoever, around an arena) When I got her back we went on a few weeks super, some lovely hacks I didn’t do any arena work in this time. I even went to the beach with 2 x youngsters who were bitless and we had lots of open space canters. About 4 weeks or so later on a hack we’d had 2 lovely canters, went to do the final canter and she bucked, unseated me, another horse came up close behind her she bucked again and for the first time since before her operation I came off onto hard ground resulting in a broken collarbone. She has had the winter off (12 weeks) I have taken her back to B&W who deem her completely sound. Have been under the eyes of Ollie Crowe. It has been suggested that steroid injections in the back could be considered if bringing her back into ridden work to ensure she has absolutely no possibility of muscular back pain. It has also been suggested that a broodmare could be an option. Her temperament is second to none. She is not at all marish, she is polite. I would not describe her as ‘sharp’ she lives out and winters well, though has been stabled previously and is happy in a stable too. She will stand to be pampered all day. Doesn’t mind hose/fly spray/rugging. She loads well in a Monty Roberts my trailer is possibly too small for her (ifor505) found she loaded no issues into Charlottes slightly bigger ifor 510) good for farrier and dentist. Lunges like a DREAM very responsive to voice aids, enjoys work! She turns out with mares and geldings has no trouble fitting into a herd. I believe I have to hold some responsibility as to the behaviors simply because professional ‘firmer’ riders have had fabulous work out of her, whereas it has unnerved me. She must go to a knowledgeable home who has experience of bringing youngsters back into work slowly and correctly. The home must also acknowledge that if for whatever reason it doesn’t work out then perhaps a broodmare would be better for her. I hope you can see this entirely transparent write up of her is so I can find her the best home, I care very much for her and I will need references and homes vetted. My personal and truthful opinion is that I feel she can in the right hands be a beautiful ridden horse, I think she would excel in dressage she absolutely floats around an arena when the pilot knows what they are doing! We have had some superb times, many hacks, lessons, fun rides, beach rides
Bristol City

Katy Jones

Bristol City