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Fabulous pony club/second pony

Lucie Walker in Peterborough

16 years old
Charlie is an excellent all round pony and excels in all areas. He has an incredible amount of jump and has previously jumped to 1m in Ireland and has 18 SJI points. He would thrive in a BS home but equally he would happily jump round lower unaffiliated classes which he has been doing recently at 70/80cm but he definitely has the scope to go higher with the right rider. Charlie works well on the flat and schools well in all 3 paces. However Charlie enjoys variety and would turn sour if drilled most days on the flat in the school doing laps round the edge of the arena! Hacking, pole work or small jumps on non jumping days will help keep him interested. Along with general schooling exercises and transitions (basically anything other than endless round the outside!!). Charlie enjoys hacking and hacks out alone or in company, will go first or last. Good in traffic and open spaces. He also loves xc and will jump everything put in front of him. He’s has been on various pleasure rides and to the beach and he’s always brilliantly behaved. Charlie has recently been ridden by a 12 year old low level pony club rider who has competed to 80cm. He would suit a rider of a similar or more advanced ability. Charlie can sometimes put a small buck in (after a tap on the bum with a crop) if he thinks it will get him out of work and he will get away with it hence why he would not be a first ridden pony. Charlie is excellent on the ground and well loved by children he has lovely manners and very sweet natured. He is great to shoe and clip. He is good to load too but some times needs a bit of encouragement to load if travelling alone. We have had a lot of fun with Charlie but he is sadly now outgrown and needs to find himself his new rider to have loads of fun with him.

Lucie Walker