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Super Talented Safe Irish Pony

Cattybrook Horses in Bristol City

5 years old
All Rounder, Eventing and Pony Club
The beautiful "Baby Ruby" has been in training with us for 5 months now and is ready to find a new home. We are based in Bristol. She is a rising 5 yr old, 13:1hh (but I think she will mature at 13:2hh) Traditional Irish Cob. She truly is an incredible mare with the most beautiful temperament and an untold amount of talent! 'Baby Rubes' (as she is known) has such a kind and willing nature and would make the most PERFECT new best friend for a child or a small adult, whether it be as a competitive PC or RC pony or a wonderful new addition to a loving family wanting to hack or go on fun rides😊. It's very common to read the words 'remarkable' when describing a horse, but I have absolutely no hesitation in shouting from the roof-tops just how remarkable this wee girl is. She has taken to her training with a very calm attitude along with maturity way beyond her years!! Baby Rubes is wonderful to hack whether it be alone or in company. We encounter buses, huge quarry lorries, and regularly hack alongside (and under) the main Paddington rail line! She has 3 very balanced paces and works in a rhythm in soft contact. She is becoming quite established in her lateral work and moves off your leg very obediently. She has the most enormous walk for her build. She is just starting to learn to lengthen her strides a little, although we are taking it very gently...(If she had her way she would be riding through a Medium test tomorrow😉) Joking apart, I do believe that she could be competing in BD in the New Year. She absolutely LOVES her jumping! Whether that be in the Showjumping arena or out on the XC field. She is honest and careful and is never strong or rude. She is so balanced with her canter around a course that we are now just teaching her to shorten and lengthen her stride between, and on her approach to fences. She has been introduced to grid-work and seems to learn quickly with every new exercises she encounters. She snaps her little knees up in front and is developing a very tidy back end! She recently attended a XC training morning at Tumpy Green and tackled everything we asked of her with such confidence and maturity.....not to mention with a HUGE smile on her face. It was a very proud day for us🥰. She is currently bare foot and is turned out in a mixed herd. She is good to catch, wash, worm and load, and she travels very quietly. She was quite unsure of the farrier at first but we just talk to her and reassure her and over time she has improved greatly, the farrier even commented last week on how easy she was and how she had matured. As you can probably tell we are all rather soft on this wee girl and are looking for a new home where she will continue to enjoy life and be adored. Please use WhatsApp to get in touch as FB messenger is being very temperamental. My number is 07961 308555. We are based in Bristol. I have many videos that I can send you that cover the whole time she has been with us. Thank you for taking the time to read this rather lengthy write up....but baby Rubes says, to quote that well known phrase "It's because I'm worth it" 😉❤️😉xxx Helen xx
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