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Perfect Whp/ pony club

Georgia Roberts in Mold

6 years old
Liver Chestnut
Section c
All Rounder, Pony Club and Hunting
This little man is searching for his perfect forever family 🥰 Harri (Falwen Cardi Llwyd) is a rising 6yo sec.C gelding with superb breeding which shows in his stunning compact conformation and flashy movement. However, believe it or not, this isn't what makes him one of a kind! Hazzle is a little pony with the heart of a lion, standing at 128cm tall he is bold and brave, going headfirst into whatever games his young jockey imagines. He's been brought on almost entirely by my 8yo daughter so you have the assurance that he's been thoroughly used to a small crazy human with wild ideas He adores hacking and does so quietly alone and in company, his favourite part is going off the beaten track and exploring the unknown, his sense of adventure always ready to go wherever his rider fancies He'll happily carry coats and picnics too. He has 3 lovely steady paces in the school and has a naturally even tempo no matter the rider (an absolute delight to watch) he does soften onto a nice contact for a rider with tidy hands too. Snaffle mouthed at all times, definitely more woah than go. His bravery extends to jumping too, he's game for jumping absolutely anything you put in front of him and he thoroughly enjoys it too. We've had him up to 85cm and he's happy to do that. His forte definitely seems to be the more XC/Working Hunter/Hunter Trials type fences. He's stylish and tidy, carrying the even tempo from his flatwork into a gorgeous rhythm over a course of fences with his ears pricked having the time of his life! He'd wipe the floor in Cradle Stakes classes and then step up to the bigger heights too 🤩 In addition to this we've done some liberty work with him and he can be ridden in all 3 paces tackless. We also have done some very minor trick riding with him too and he actually really enjoys this kind of work! He's quite happy to let children play catch on him, dance around, make up silly games where he has to "stand there and wear this flag as a hat" a true kids pony through and through. (Fair warning he likes to chew on banners, ribbons, balls and any other items children decide to play with around him ) He's seen mounted games equipment and thought that was all great fun, he's never going to make STRUK speeds but he'll do your PC rally races Harri has done some local shows, pony club rallies and recently went to the NYE hunt meet with a friend of ours who is 13years old and he completed a full morning including keeping up near the front of the field and jumping everything put in front of him He's keen to please and loves to have a job to get on with. FAQs: Good to shoe (but doesn't really need them unless he's doing loads of roadwork) Loads into trailers or boxes Good to clip but needs twitch and quiet handling for ears Comes to call in the field Lives in or out Gets on fine in a mixed herd Priced to reflect his temperament, quality and his potential.

Georgia Roberts