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14.2 Welsh D Mare

Stephanie Taylor in Cambridge

16 years old
Welsh D
All-Rounder and Happy Hacker
Poppy, 14.2 Welsh D Mare, 17 this year. Very sadly looking for a more suitable home. Poppy requires a calm and confident rider. Owned for three years. Together we have done lessons, pole and jump clinics, XC schooling, unaffiliated dressage, sponsored rides and general hacking. Also dabbled in some liberty work where she shows just how clever she is and picks things up really quickly. Previous to this she was in a pony club home for eight years. Poppy requires a calm yet confident rider, either a small adult or older teen looking for a low level all rounder. Poppy is great to hack. She prefers company, but has and will go alone. Great in traffic - we've ridden down 40mph roads without batting an eyelid. Has taken part in sponsored rides where she was very well behaved. She’s a very happy hacker. To school, Poppy is very capable but is currently a little unfit due to not doing much over winter. Currently schooled/jumped 3 times a week. She requires a calm and confident rider to bring out the best in her as will pick up on a nervous rider and try it on. Poppy has reduced vision in her left eye so you'd need to be aware of this for a vetting. I've ridden her the whole time she has had this including jumping, so it does not affect her ridden ability. This is reflected in her price. However, getting the right home for Poppy is the most important thing. I'd like to keep in touch with next owner if possible. She is up to date with vaccinations, teeth and chiro. Good for the farrier, currently in front shoes, but has been used to being barefoot and fully shod in the past. Good to clip. She will travel in a lorry or trailer, both alone and with friends. Lives in or out but does like to be able to see another horse. Happy to answer any questions. Lots of photos and recent videos available. She is a lovely pony who is very capable with the right rider.

Stephanie Taylor