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Henfynyw Martini 13.2 Welsh C mare

Lindsay Judge in Surrey

11 years old
Welsh section C
Show Jumping, Pony Club and Eventing
Whisper: 13.2hh 11 Year old Welsh C black mare. ⚠️Please read very carefully before enquiring! When we say she is not a novice ride, we really mean it! ⚠️ Whiz is a beautiful example of a Welshie, with expressive movement and a delicate Arab head. She has lovely breeding and is fully papered. This pony is absolutely foot perfect to hack in company. (we have never tried her alone since company is always available here!) She is an exceptionally talented jumper. She is bold and careful into a fence and her scope is phenomenal. She absolutely loves to jump whether it’s cross country or showjumping and isn't fazed by any fillers whatsoever. There is some serious jumping ability in there and she really loves her work! She’s good to trim (barefoot) and load - literally walks on like a donkey! She will stand and be fussed for hours. She flew through her vetting last autumn with no issues at all. And now for the "Absolutely no novices" bit. She has been priced accordingly. She is not in the right home here and was missold to us for my daughter to progress on. On speaking to her previous owner since, it seems they were quite aware of some bad habits that Whisper has picked up which will need a lot of work. Whisper is extremely responsive and does not need or like kicking and flapping. She is also not keen on flatwork. If she decides that she has had enough of either she will either suddenly and deliberately dispense her rider onto the floor or run away. We believe this is partly stubbornness but also a fear response. It is something that absolutely will not be resolved overnight but we strongly believe that the right home and lots of love and patience will allow her to reach her full potential. Hence for ⛵️ as a serious project for a competition home/ broodmare! Please absolutely NO NOVICES she is not for the faint hearted, but with patience and a sensitive rider she has the potential to go far!

Lindsay Judge