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Loved family pony

Natasha Jemmett in Hertfordshire

15 years old
Welsh section A
Pony Club, Happy Hacker and All Rounder
Looking for a new home 15 year old 11hh ish Wesh Section A pony, Minnie is a well loved family pony who loves hacking and has done pony club activities Showjumping, XC and pony club camp, she is used to a busy noisy yard and takes most things in her stride. She is ridden and handled by my daughter who has been riding her since she was 4 years old now 7 nearly 8. She's been hacking her off lead rein since she was 4 1/2 years old. HACKING. Minnie loves hacking and will happily follow behind a group of other ponies/horses, or will go out in front. She will hack out with dogs and will walk out on her own with someone accompanying her, I'm unsure if she will hack totally alone as never tried. Out hacking she is perfect in traffic and we hack along a busy b road quite regularly. She doesn't get excited or hot up in a group and is quite regularly held back by my daughter when the rest of the group trots off so my daughter can then let her go and have a gallop to catch up. JUMPING Minnie loves her jumping. She has jumped many xpole 30cm 40cm and 50cm courses she will do a 60cm course but would have to be ridden by a competent jocky. She is definitely a kick along however when you get her going she can do a very beautiful round. She has seen most types of showjumps and has been schooled around a variety of XC courses. She can put a big jump in if she is unsure of the jump but my daughter just got used to this and it helped her to develop her seat!! Minnie is a confidence giver and a kick along pony but very safe as if you stop kicking she'll stop, never ever tried to run off with anyone. She will however put in a small buck if a whip is used on her bum. She is often ridden bare back in the school and is always perfectly behaved my daughter will often take her in on her own and have fun riding and jumping her whilst I complete other chores. Minnie is always perfectly behaved for the farrier never been shod and has good feet. Minnie lives out all year and although will be stabled is happier living out, she is good to load pretty much lods herself and travels well, good with dentist and to clip just not keen on tummy or back legs. Call or Message me if interested will only go to the right home as she means a lot to us. I am still in contact with her previous owner. References available if required. Price includes all tack and rugs, Natasha 07727091923

Natasha Jemmett