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Juliet Pascall in Maidenhead

10 years old
All-Rounder and Eventing
Raffles is an incredibly talented allrounder who would do very well in an eventing home and would be well suited to a confident teenager (mother/daughter share) or grassroots eventer looking to move up the levels. True to Beeston Lord Henry’s prodigy, he has a lovely temperament coupled with impressive athleticism and a big careful jump. As a RID x TB he is registered with the Irish Draught Horse Society and has a green passport. Raffles has done a little bit of everything including showing classes, affiliated eventing (before I owned him), and unaffiliated eventing (whilst with me in the past 2.5yrs) up to 90cm, hunter trials, hunt relays, dressage, fun rides, and drag hunting. He excels at both working hunter classes and hunter trials, always coming away with a rosette. He’s great fun to event and has come first at Aston Le Walls (80cm) - believe me, I never thought I'd get a 1st at an ODE!. I’ve not affiliated him or evented to a higher level purely because I’m not confident enough to do so. He was BE affiliated before I owned him and is more than capable of moving up the levels, he easily jumps 1m+ out hunting and at home. Raffles is a good mover and can produce a lovely dressage test. He responds well to leg aids and most of his lateral work is established, we’re working on changes and he’s picking it up quickly. He’s a bold and careful jumper, often flicking his tail and back feet up to avoid touching a pole. The higher the jump is the better he is! On the ground, he's a cuddly gentle character who loves to be fussed over and thrives on 1-1 attention. Very easy to do, he’ll walk up to you if called in the field, greet you when you go to his stable, nudge you for attention and will happily stand unattended in the school while you move jumps and poles around. He loves a hot bath and a good groom. He passed a 5 stage vetting (by Chiltern Equine Clinic) in October this year which I’m happy to share. I've only ever had the vet out to do vaccinations, his teeth, and in one instance to look at a cut to his lower eyelid (a freak accident in his stable which did not leave any permanent damage), he's never sick or sorry even after a long day out drag hunting. Raffles hacks out alone and in company but, like most horses, can throw in the occasional spook when he’s alone. This is less likely if he’s asked to work whilst hacking, he thrives off stimulation and can get bored. He can throw in an occasional buck when excited (usually out hunting) so he’s not a novice/beginner ride. For this reason, I feel he’s not well suited to a hunting home as he does not like being at the back of the field, it's too slow for him. He stands dead still for the vet, farrier and physio but does need some sedation to be clipped (although we're working on this and using less and less each time). He's up to date with his vaccinations, teeth, physio and the farrier. He is also ridden 6 times a week so is fit and ready to go. He can be turned out in a group or alone, also does not fuss if other horses are brought in before him. He's happy to live out or in. I bought Raffles from a friend who in turn bought him as a 2yr old so his entire history is known and can be shared. He’s an intelligent horse who likes to be challenged with varied and regular work. The only reason I’ve made the very difficult decision to find him a new home is my first love is drag hunting and while he’ll easily clear any hedge you point him at, we both hate being at the back of the field. Looking for a 5* home for this special horse. Price negotiable for the right partnership and home. Based in Maidenhead.

Juliet Pascall