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17.2 ID Reliable Hunting Schoolmaster / Allrounder

Miss A Brown in Ashbourne

16 years old
Irish Draught
All-Rounder, Hunting and Mother-daughter share
Casper is a very substantial full up 17.2 Irish Draught. He is an armchair ride, always snaffle mouthed and mannerly. He would be an asset to a riding school or a perfect mother/father/son/ daughter share. Someone will be incredibly lucky to have him. He’s recently been imported from Ireland where he has been a masters horse and in more recent years carried a novice rider hunting and looked after them He will make a less capeable rider look good He’s a gentle giant on the ground. He is always a gentleman and usually handled by children. He’s very affectionate and the nicest horse that you could have on your yard. He is good to pick up all 4 hooves, good to catch, tie up, turns out alone or with any others and has no stable vices whatsoever. In an arena he would carry an RDA rider or very novice rider. He stands to mount and dismount and won’t move whilst you adjust stirrups etc. He isn’t bothered by an unsteady rider. He is nicely schooled and goes up and down transitions when asked. He can be ridden on the buckle end and has a lovely rocking horse canter. He happily jumps any coloured poles, you just point and let him take you over He is safe in wide open spaces. He will have a steady canter across a field on buckle end then push on for a gallop always coming back as soon as he knows you want to go down a gear. He jumps any xc jumps he is pointed at and is very brave giving a lead through water etc He’s good to hack in heavy traffic and doesn’t care about fast moving lorries or big farm machinery. He isn’t in the slightest spooky or sharp and always makes riding enjoyable. If he’s out with others he likes to keep up with them but will still take instruction from his rider. For this reasons out hunting I’d say he would suit a capeable novice upwards. I would happily send either child hunting on him and know he would look after them. He is vice free and has no health issues. He has been looked after and other than a few white hairs on one knee has no blemishes or lumps. He’s recently passed a 2 stage vetting and is open to further vettings. He is currently being ridden by a 13 year old and a 14 year old who has been riding 18 months and both find him pushbutton He’s just seen the dentist and behaved impeccably. Up to date with chiropractor and farrier is due in next couple of days Lots of video on request

Miss A Brown