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5 year old TB

Kathryn Eldred in York

5 years old
Ex Racehorse and Happy Hacker
5 year old 15.2/3hh Tb, re-trained ex-racehorse out of Lethal Force, racing name Shawshank, stable name Flash. He's up to date with shoeing, vaccinations and worming and has a Weatherby’s passport. Sold with a non-racing agreement. Currently lives out 24/7 (with a mare) but sure he’d be fine overnight in a stable. During the last two years and a half years with me he’s done lots of hacking getting the miles on the clock and has done some light schooling and long-reining. He adores fair weather hacking and will practically tack himself up when he knows we’re heading out but he isn’t keen on the dressage lark, which is where my interest lies. He hacks out alone and in company and is good in traffic but does take confidence from his rider. Ideally, I’d love him to go to a forever hacking home, where he will be spoilt rotten and his loving playful character will give his new owner lots to smile about. Pro’s *Adores his food *Loves hacking *Absolute doddle to worm *Will tolerate most anything as long as he’s got a hay net *Loads and travels brilliantly (trailer or box) *Good with the farrier *Easy to catch *Good with planes, trains and automobiles, and peacocks (no I’m not joking!) *When hacking out whether it’s a light breeze or gale force winds, he’s no different Con’s *He hates needles (we get round this with oral sedation, which he has no issue with) *He’s never going to take anyone to the Olympics We’ve been trying to get out and about further afield but I don’t have transport, so we’ve been limited to where others are going, he has though been up to Sutton Park and Yearsley Woods. When out and about we’ve often led far more experienced horses past the ‘scary stuff’. He’s never bucked, or bolted but he still needs a patient rider as he is forward. Whenever we’ve encountered anything he isn’t keen on during his education, I’ve just sat quietly, kept my leg on and let him get his head around it, by dealing with him like this and not escalating the situation he can be ridden on the buckle and cantered in a group without getting particularly strong but please don’t be fooled into thinking he’s a kids pony, he’s not, he’s a young, green ex-racehorse who in his opinion was put on this planet to solely hack. Sold with bridle and All Saddle Solutions GP saddle and some rugs.

Kathryn Eldred