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Stunning Dressage Prospect

Sarah Butler in Reading

8 years old
Sports Horse
Dressage and All-Rounder
Khaos -16.1/16.2 Where to even start. He’s the biggest character you’ll ever come across. Absolutely love’s attention and any interaction but needs a job. I’ve owned Khaos since he was 2 weeks old, have very slowly and kindly produced him. Have schooled him very slowly and kindly myself so he now works in the most easy and supple of outlines in walk trot and canter. He really is like butter in your hands for dressage, little leg and he will work under you continuously and forward. Hence why I want him to go to a competitive home in this area. He really has so much talent and is so so willing in this sphere. Due to personal preference he’s not done a huge amount of show jumping and is green in this area… however he has had plenty of cross country jumping experience and absolutely excelled at this with a good lead. With his breeding being part mustang and part Arab he is not a novice ride. Khaos can be 100% bombproof one day, lead the route and get others past scary things however the next put you to the test, which is why he needs an experienced and understanding home. He will never be a 100% straightforward horse, but the more he has a job the better he is. I just sadly do not have the time. Honestly is the funniest and most loving horse out there and will only be available to the perfect home for him. With an agreement to have first refusal. This Is the hardest decision for me, but he deserves more than I can currently offer and absolutely loves his dressage so deserves a rider more focused in this area. Very serious enquiries only please as this is a very difficult sale.

Sarah Butler