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Arab mare 15h

Maria McQuarrie in Cornwall

6 years old
Endurance and All-Rounder
Looking for a 5⭐️ home for my striking grey Arab mare with excellent bloodlines The ideal mother daughter share. Elouise is 15hh and just turned 6. She has consistently been trailered whether this is to arena xc hire, showjumping and xc where she has behaved impeccably loading first time and travelling silently. Elouise settles well in a stable and will stand quietly whilst being tied up. Although she is currently out 24/7 which she is enjoying A lot of time has gone into her schooling where she will go into a soft supple outline whilst being ridden. She’s got a smooth walk, trot and canter with easy transitions from multiple paces. Recently she’s been taught to ride bridleless where she happily walked, trotted and cantered calmly with smooth transitions. Although new to showjumping, she is forward and willing to please. Jumping everything first time even if she’s got a tricky distance. She’s safely jumping 70s currently due to only being backed for 4months. Xc she is bold and brave continually going through the water, ditches and jumps at all paces. Elouise has hacked out alone and in company where she has been foot perfect. She’s safe meaning I have left multiple ages ride her where she had consistently tried her best. She has good brakes and is used to all forms of vehicles, waiting patiently for them to pass. Although her favourite place is definitely the beach where she loved a good canter and splash through the water. Elouise is based on a busy yard full of dogs, horses, machinery and children. She’s up to date with all vaccinations, farrier, saddler, physio and the dentist. Elouise is fit and ready to go and have fun on. She is not your typical mare she has the sweetest temperament loving human contact whether that’s brushing her or just going to see her in the field where she will walk over to you, sometimes even trot if you’re lucky. Based in Penzance with lots of facilities to be trialed. She will come with her saddle, bridle,

Maria McQuarrie