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Beautiful Welsh D Competition Pony

Hollie Brown in Newark

11 years old
Eventing, Show Jumping and Pony Club
Rigebow Harry Competition pony Honest Advert 14.1/2 11 years old (Ref my daughter riding in the pictures is 5ft7) Harry is 14.1/2 stocky Welsh section D with the biggest of hearts ❤️ This little boy has a serious POP & absolutely loves jumping. My daughter has started his BS career this year so if your looking for something with an impeccable record you’re looking in the wrong place! It’s clicked he now knows the aim of the game !! Harry is ridden in an American Gag as he is an absolute power house … I mean just look at him ! (We have ridden in a snaffle and was fine but I’d prefer to keep my daughter arms in tact although she would ride him in a head collar if needed🙄) Unfortunately he doesn’t understand that he has a built in V8 turbo engine 🤣 Home is absolute Paramount I’m not searching for a Home I’m searching for the right rider. If you ride with your hands that isn’t going to work, Harry works off the seat and leg also listening to his Rider. You pull he’s going to pull that how he works and you need to ride Harry not Harry take you for a ride ! Hazza will jump through fire and back again for my Daughter I want to see that connection with his next best friend, he’s not a machine he’s a pony of a life time. Being Welsh Harry has a very welsh movement (don’t worry he doesn’t have a Welsh stubborn attitude) and is fast 💨 so yep you need to trust him and be pretty gutsy. NO NOVICES NO 1st / 2ND PONIES NO IN HAND SHOWING although he’s gorgeous and probably win in hand showing Harry would be bored stiff ! We have done Spooktackular stay away - unaffiliated- Xc - Hunted and Hacking, he’s actually probably one of the nicest most genuine ponies we have ever owned. As any pony will of you give him an inch he would take a mile, I want a kind, fair loving child/adult for Harry he still needs boundaries like everything (I don’t want this beautiful boy ruining) I sold Harry 5 months ago to an older lady (we kept in touch)- unfortunately Harry was probably Bored and his speed scared the older lady to a jump, she wanted to sell him to a dealer as a Happy Hacker, Fortunately I couldn’t allow this talent and kind heart to be wasted and passed around and offered him to come Home and sold to a more suitable Home. Harry was sent with original passport that was unfortunately lost - so now has a duplicate. He passed a 5 stage vetting on original sale and although it didn’t work out he has always been treated like a king 👑 He has had novices and 1st ridden son him and never put a foot wrong but he’s a lot of pony for a small child to be learning and I’d prefer him to be in PC and competing most weekends, we plan to qualify for blue chip and continue his BS career. Harry has never bitten, kicked ect and is a very gentle sole. We have never had any issues with loading, stabling or even leaving on his own. He’s chilled and walks to the Feild like a lamb. Harry in competition can get very excited, he doesn’t do anything Nasty but with old owner did small rear and back up going into the ring, my Daughter just trots or canters into the ring and he’s absolutely fine - nothing at all nasty just excited, we have worked on calmness and warming up early and just walking until called into the ring, we haven’t had any issues at all but I have to explain what old owner advised me to make sure this is the right owners this time. She also has issues loading - we have never ever experienced this and walks on straight away no hesitation EVER. Harry in previous Homes has done some eventing and done well. This pony as you may tell means an awful lot to us as a family, so if I say I don’t think it will fit unfortunately you won’t change my mind. We are in NO rush to sell and high 4’s will be needed to secure him. My Daughter (14) does absolutely everything with this boy, from riding to loading to clipping you name it she does it and I trust him implicitly. He’s fit and healthy ready to go - we will proceed in competing and hopefully get those qualifications ready for next season. Only genuine enquiries, NO LOANS, NO TRIALS, VIEWING 100% NECESSARY NG24 - NO MENAGE BUT WILL HIRE FOR GENUINE INTEREST. 07580968139 message only He will come with his equipe bridle. Up to date with all vaccines,Physio and dental

Hollie Brown