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Best on the market.

Bella Caston in England

4 years old
All-Rounder, Eventing and Show Jumping
Sweetest little Connie I’ve ever met in my life. 4 years old in one week! Robin is a complete freak with jumping he is completely naturally gifted and steps over anything. Some you have to teach to jump others are just gifted naturally & he’s the best I’ve seen in years for his age. Robin clears a meter with no pressure, sits up and looks at his fence without getting strong. Will hack alone or in company. Lunges. Very good on main roads and beach rides. Seen the country side and has been carefully broken in and produced with a gorgeous soft mouth & self carriage. Can be unbalanced ever so slight in canter but that will come with maturity and age along with building up the correct muscles and schooling. He’s just literally a drama free pony. I genuinely believe he could be a top class show jumping pony one day. To do what he is currently with ease and a great temperament he puts some older ponies to shame. He has scope to burn and never been pushed we were all pretty speechless watching him have a pop. Will travel on a trailer or lorry. Will live in or out and goes to new places like he’s part of the furniture. If this pony carry’s on being produced like he is it will be priceless one day. Extremely rare find for his age. Walks, trots and canters in open space on fields, seen farm machinery also. Pops over little ditches and would love to hunt one day. Goes through water and done small xc schooling leading the way. He just loves to jump. Doesn’t need riding everyday and loves his food. First to see will buy. He’s a real kind person. Robins has a slight old scar on his leg which I brought him with. It’s been vet checked before I got him and courses no issues what so ever. Will fade with age & now has full hair growth over it. Doesn’t faze him and can’t notice it unless pointed out. Knowledgeable homes only! Who could potentially get this pony to the top where he belongs. Pony’s like this rarely come to the market. He is just under 14.2hh with a little room to grow which is expected for a baby. 5* forever homes only. Open to any vettings or bloods. No rush to sell. No time wasters. Please WhatsApp for lots of video. Complete bargain and will be worth double in a year.

Bella Caston