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Competitive pony club prospect

Charlotte Kite in East Sussex

7 years old
Welsh x arab
All Rounder, Dressage and Pony Club
Loosely advertising my mare. 7yo mare. Approx 13’3-14h Welsh x Arab ▪️Not been rushed. Attended a handful of inhand shows as a youngster, placing when she’s been. She came to me needing work as was too green for her owners before hand. ▪️Has good basics in the school and moves well enough to do dressage tests competitively. ▪️Bold to jump however green in the sense of she can be a bit cocky and rush to fences. Has seen xc fences as well as showjumps. ▪️Hacks well alone and in company. Not fazed by most of the things on the roads where we are (tractors, motorbikes, cars, cyclists) and good in open spaces. ▪️Easiest mare to do on the ground. Could be handled by a total beginner. Barefoot and won’t need shoes. Up to date with dentist, jabs etc. ▪️She has recently developed a touch of asthma but the vets have said this barely affects her and she has not needed a nebuliser so far but will come with one if needed. She has a small splint on a back inner leg also but this has not grown/been hot/caused any lameness in the 3 years she’s had it. Purely a cosmetic note for anyone who cares about those things. ▪️Will live out if needed but currently in stable overnight and out in the days. Turns out well with others. Fine to be turned out individually also but likes to see other horses. If stabled out of sight of others she may call out. ▪️The ideal home will be a pony club type home and give her a variety in life. She thrives off work and is a switched on pony. She has a great brain and picks things up easily. SHE IS NOT FOR A NOVICE. She is soft in the mouth, moves off the leg very well and will make a sharp and competitive competition pony in the right hands. ▪️She has been in light work, mostly hacking for the last few months due to me having to care for my ill mother full time and I just can’t bare her to spend any more time not having the full attention she deserves This is an honest ad and a heartbreaking sale. Through absolutely no fault of her own. Happy to disclose reason for sale to any potential homes. As I said she is loosely available and only to the most perfect fitting home at this stage. Otherwise she will be kept into spring and I will have her worked and schooled more over those few months. 💵 She will be between mid and high 4 figures. The price is undetermined yet and will change depending on how much more I can do with her over the next few months. Homes will be thoroughly vetted and require references. Her full wardrobe including a new, fitted saddle costing £1500, bridle, rugs, boots etc will be negotiated at a seperate price. PM only or call 07495005276 for more info and more photos /videos. Comments not followed up. Based East Sussex
East Sussex

Charlotte Kite

East Sussex