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Dartmoor mare - pony club all rounder

Sarah Stride in Hereford

10 years old
All Rounder, Pony Club and Showing
Pricklegate Maggie May 10 year old 12.1hh Dartmoor mare We have had Maggie for 18 months and is a much loved part of our family. We bought as a lead rein pony and we have worked really hard to create a first ridden and in doing so have created a second ridden! Maggie would really suit a busy competitive pony club or showing home. She is amazing when out and about and has turned her hoof to every kind of pony club rally and competition; dressage, show jumping, tetrathlon, pony racing and mounted games. She loves to hack and is good both alone and in company. She travels really well and my daughter often loads and unloads her. Maggie can be strong on the ground and often needs to be lead by an adult as she can decide she’d rather go and eat grass than go where she’s meant to! She’s quite the character!! She is great with the farrier and is barefoot, good with the dentist and has loved session with an equine body worker. She’s great to clip and will stand for hours to be groomed - though she can be funny having her back feet picked out… Maggie lives in or out but is currently stabled during the day and out at night due to some localised sweet itch on her mane and tail and to avoid lami, we also soak her hay and feed low sugar feeds (happy hoof). You could term her a good doer! Maggie would be best suited to a competent teen looking for a fun pony without too much whizz or a small adult. She would be perfectly suited to showing workers or M&M. She would also be good as a lead rein pony for a small child and a mum who wants some fun. She is a true Dartmoor mare and require respectful handling as like all mares had an opinion on most things! She is very well bred and I am in touch with her breeder who I know would love to keep in touch with the new owners as would we. We are very upset about this sale but my daughter needs something more like a first ridden for her to progress further. Currently on schooling livery in HR1 and available for viewing. Tack can be negotiated separately as she has a beautiful (new with Maggie) Black Country GPX Saddle. Can come with a basic bridle and Rambo fly rug.

Sarah Stride


Mum of two enjoying my horses and loving the journey with my daughter