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Dotty, beautiful low level all rounder - wardrobe included

Issy Auchterlonie in Scunthorpe

13 years old
Irish Draught
Happy Hacker and All-Rounder
Dotty is a full Irish Draught Mare that was bought as a hacking horse to go out with younger kids to hack their ponies out. She hacks alone and in company. She would happily go on pleasure, amble rides and if fitter she could hunt. Also she’s more than happy to ride and lead. Is happy to live in or out with mares or geldings as she’s not marish and acts as a good nanny to our little ponies. Dotty is fantastic with kids running about and screaming. She’s up to date and fantastic with all her vaccinations, feet, and dentist. Dotty is snaffle mouthed, enjoys her job but doesn’t pull and good to get on. Happy to travel alone or in company in our trailer. She’ll never make a world beating dressage horse but more than happy to pop round a small show jumping course and pop little xc fences including logs, little hedges, ditches, water etc. Has been away to lessons in groups and alone. Don’t be put off by her size as a 10 year old has also been riding her and jumped her over some small fences she never put a foot wrong and looked after her.  Dotty has had colic surgery due to a small tear in her stomach rather than for colic but it was classed as a colic surgery. This was 2.5 years ago and we have all the documents from this and it has never caused her any problems with us and the vets don’t think it will either. She also has a small melanoma under her tail.  Sad sale for such a genuine horse but as daughter wants to ride more we feel like she’s currently being put on the back burner a little bit. We have always found her to be a beautiful generous soul. Comes full wardrobe including tack. 5* home required

Issy Auchterlonie